Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Something in the water

It seems to be baby season at the moment. I have discovered over the past few months that almost every one of my friends who were pregnant at the same time I was with Miss K are all pregnant again. I was very excited to hear that two of my friends gave birth this week, to healthy beautiful children. Another woman I used to go to Mother's Group with is pregnant with twin boys, and the girl I was visiting when I discovered I was pregnant is also pregnant with her third child. It is kind of crazy but I almost felt sad that I was being left out of the pregnancy boom this time around, especially as I loved having so many pregnant women around me when I was up the duff, as it makes it easier to go through the torture of carrying around 10 kilos of child and excess baggage when everyone else is doing it with you.

Of course I still stand firm on my single child policy for now, and although I miss talking about being pregnant, I definitely don't miss being pregnant. Feeling like a beached whale is never fun, especially in the heat of an Australian summer. Although I really can't complain about baby weight too much given that Miss K was happy living next to my spine whilst in utero, which meant that even when I was a week away from giving birth, I still only looked about 7 months pregnant. While this could have been seen as a blessing, I was actually quite disappointed that I didn't look like I was carrying a yoga ball underneath my t-shirt. Of course if I had been any larger I would probably have been complaining about the above yoga ball, and the things it did to my wardrobe. As it was I still had to swap my wardrobe of jeans for leggings, which have now become an essential part of my tiny stack of day wear, especially as they are so forgiving of stretchy post-pregnancy stomachs.

The other consequence of pregnancy that I really want to avoid for now is the inevitable child that comes after the 9 months of discomfort and the agony of labour. While I adore Miss K with all of my heart and would never trade her for anything in the world (not even tickets to a Mika concert), on her own she is able to make the noise of three children and the mess of ten. So while I have her in my life my hands are completely full. Having said that; I probably should make it clear that I love having such a huge handful of child to take care of and there may be a day when I find that I want to increase my little family, but right now my family of two is the perfect size for me. Plus this way Miss K always gets to lick the spoon when someone is baking.

The end result of Miss K being allowed to lick the spoon.
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