Monday, 23 July 2012

Dear Diary The I hate technology edition

Were you guys worried that I wasn't going to do a diary today since I already posted this afternoon? Well fear not my intrepid readers I would never disappoint you. Besides who else will listen to me rant about my week?

It's actually a bit hard to do a diary entry tonight as I've spent a lot of this week telling you what was happening as it was happening, but I'm sure I'll be able to find one or two things I left out. It was my big sister's birthday on Tuesday this week, so I had the opportunity to go and visit her and give her chocolates, which I feel are an absolute must as a birthday present. (Hint hint). Miss K was given the opportunity to learn about moderation and self restraint, as she was given a whole bottle of chocolate milk to herself. But given that she is only 1 and doesn't understand either of these concepts she drank the entire bottle in about five minutes and gave herself a nasty stomach-ache. It took a couple of decent sized burps and a quiet sit down with mum before she was back to her normal self and able to play play-dough with her cousin.

As you have all no doubt read this week I have been madly creating things for Miss K's new bedroom, but things came to a grinding halt this evening when my laminator decided to chew one of my pages. It took mum and me an hour with a screw driver and a knife to pull apart the wretched machine to try and rescue my precious paper. Below is the end result of our work, and neither of us can figure out how to put it back together.


So tomorrow will be spent buying a new laminator among other things. 

Miss K is her usual self, but with extra cheekiness thrown in for good measure. I mentioned in my earlier post that she spends a lot of time pushing my buttons at the moment, but she has learned a few new tricks that aren't as frustrating. For example, she can finally climb onto our couch which is frustrating, but only because she gets up there and jumps and I'm terrified she's going to nose dive into the coffee table one of these days. She has also discovered that when grandma stands in the kitchen and yells my name I get out of bed, so most mornings I am woken up by her yelling my name over and over again. She is still not walking by herself, but we go for walks together every single day, usually when I'm putting her high chair away, so I'm hoping she'll start taking steps by herself soon. 

Well that's it for another day, I have to get up early tomorrow morning to buy birthday presents for one niece and one nephew (why couldn't you have your kids more than a month apart big sister??) plus my little sister has a dentists appointment tomorrow (ha ha) and I have to drive her there so I'm going to be a busy beaver tomorrow. Till next time, stay awesome my wonderful readers. 
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