Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dear diary the distracted edition

So I can't promise that this will be a cohesive blog tonight, as I currently have a hyperactive 23 year old sitting in my lounge room hyping up my incredibly active 1 year old, despite the fact that it is 11:30 at night and we should all be in bed.

So another week is over, and it seems that everything exciting is still happening which makes it hard to write about it, as I don't know how it ends. I'm pretty sure it will end in Miss K getting tired and crying until I put her into bed with Elmo. But right now she is sitting on the couch with my little brother and his partner, watching a singing cucumber. I can't even begin to explain this in any way that will make sense, so all I can tell anyone who wants to know more is go to YouTube and type in Silly Songs with Larry. There will be much silliness to be found once you have done this, including a song about teeth, as well as pirates who don't do anything.

Miss K and I went to my big sister's house for dinner last night with mum and one of my little sisters, we had a pleasant evening eating take out food, and all was very enjoyable except for the part when one of my fillings fell out of my tooth making eating slightly difficult. Of course these things always happen on the weekend which means I have to wait until tomorrow to make an appointment with a dentist. Miss K is also getting a cold at the moment, so there are times when she is whingy and clingy, but for the most part she is her usual exuberant self. I pulled out her guitar this week, so any time we go to her bedroom she insists on stopping to play a song for me. I love watching her strum away at the guitar, even though it's too tall for her to even carry around, but she enjoys it anyway.

I mentioned ages ago that I was going to change Miss K's bedroom around and turn it into a Dr Seuss room. Well for anyone who has been dying to hear an update on this (don't hide it, I know you guys too well) I have finally started making her decorations. I have found pictures from the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and am turning them into paintings to hang on her wall. I'm also going to attempt to sew her a new quilt cover in red and white striped material so her bed looks like the Cat in the Hat's hat, and I'm also trying to find old books to tear apart and turn into a picture border for her walls, but for some reason no one ever gives their old Dr Seuss books to second hand stores these days, so this task is proving harder than I thought. I'll have pictures posted up here soon of the works in progress if I ever get around to taking them, and then once the project is finished, I'll be sure that you guys get to see it too. (Just because I know you're all on the edge of your seats wanting to know how it will look.)

Well that's another week's round up completed, it's not much I know, but if I told you absolutely everything I did this week it really would only take up another couple of sentences and would go along the lines of I chased Miss K around the house stopping her from putting everything in her mouth. Then I went to bed. So until next time, I'm going to stop Miss K from putting things in her mouth by putting her to bed. Then I'm going to bed. Stay awesome my wonderful readers and I'll be back again soon.
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