Saturday, 18 November 2017

November Fly on the Wall

Hello again my lovelies, it is time for the second last Fly on the Wall for the year. For any newcomers to this series what happens is a group of bloggers all join forces to share with you all the crazy and funny things you'd see if you were a fly on the wall in our houses this month.

Fly on the Wall
This month 7 bloggers are participating. Be sure to visit them all and check out all of the fun.
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Never Ever Give Up Hope                   
Bookworm in the Kitchen                
The Blogging 911                       
Miss K: Mum can I have a choc chip cookie please?
Me: No it's too close to dinner time.
Miss K: Please? I want one.
Me: Too bad. Please stop nagging me.
Miss K: Mum can I have a choc chip cookie?
Me: No. I said stop nagging me please.
Miss K: I didn't nag because I didn't say please.
We had a big thunderstorm come through the town yesterday. This is how my nephew Jakey responds to thunder.
Jakey: What was that?
Sam: That was just thunder.
Jakey: No, I think it's a bomb.
I woke up one morning to Miss K making my bed while I was still in it. As it was still early I rolled over and went back to sleep until my alarm when off. When I finally decided to get up all hell broke loose.
Miss K: Mum, you messed up the bed. I just made that.
Me: Welcome to parenting sweetheart, where kids mess your shit up as you're cleaning. Pro tip though, next time don't make the bed while someone is still sleeping in it.
I was helping in Miss K's class when one of her classmates dropped this gem on me
Connor: I'm going to copy Lachy's work because he's smart.
Me: Well I want to see you try to do this for yourself because I know for a fact there's a big brain in that head of yours.
Connor: No, I don't have a brain anymore. You wanna know why?
Me: Ok this should be good, why don't you have a brain anymore?
Connor: Because someone said something so crazy it made my brain explode and now it's gone.
Me: You're going to make my brain explode in a minute Connor. 
So Kim was in hospital this month suffering from organ failure, which you wouldn't think is a laughing matter. Kim didn't seem to get the memo that hospitals are serious however as the following story from Natalie shows.
Nat: When Kim was first admitted she was in and out of consciousness, and there was a heap of doctors around her at all times. One doctor in particular kept making suggestions for treatment options and he kept getting shut down. Obviously Kim was getting tired of it because at one stage she woke up looked at him and said "This is a house of learned doctors and you need to learn to listen." 
Me: Seriously?
Nat: Yeah. She had the doctors in stitches apparently. They told her about it the next morning and she refused to believe them at first. It wasn't until more people kept coming up to her and telling her the same story did she finally believe them. At one of their conferences they discussed a decision they'd made that had worked, and one of the doctors said it worked because they were learned doctors. 
The epilogue to that story is that after several weeks of some very serious treatments Kim is finally better, her organs are working again and she was discharged yesterday to continue healing at home. 

Nat: So Dave and I had an argument the other day.
Me: What was it this time?
Nat: He asked me to remind him to grab his drink bottles before we left to go home and I told him to set himself a reminder on his phone. Halfway home he remembers the drink bottles and he cracked it at me for not reminding him. I went off at him for not setting the reminder like I told him. I figured he realised at the time that was all I was going to do for him, I'm not his mother, and he's old enough to be doing this for himself now.
Me: I feel sorry for your poor children when you finally have them. You're going to be a mean mum.
Nat: What do you mean?
Me: You're six years old now, you're old enough to figure out how to get yourself up and out the door for school now.
Nat: Hey, blame the childcare industry. We're forced to foster independence in kids from a really young age.
Well that's all from this corner of the world, don't forget to visit all the other blogs participating today and keep the fun going.
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