The people you will meet

In your travels through our little world you will meet all of the people who mean a lot to me. Most of them are my family, who are worth more to me than all the gold in the world. Below is a small biography on the people who feature the most in my life as well as my blog.

Me; aka Singlemumplusone
I am a 32 year old single mum to a beautiful little girl Miss K (not her real name). I have lots and lots of brothers and sisters, and most of us still live in the tiny town in country Victoria that we grew up in. I live with my mum and baby sister in the house we have all grown up in over the past twenty years. When I am not chasing around after Miss K earning every wrinkle that she has given me, I am usually sitting in front of my computer trying to come up with more hilarity for you guys to read. Or I'm sleeping. But I do crochet occasionally.

Miss K
Miss K is a terror in human form. When she isn't claiming everything that isn't nailed down as her own  she is usually begging for food and attention. She has inherited her mother's Irish sense of humor and her father's Italian temper. Miss K loves to make people laugh and will do almost anything (and I mean anything) if she thinks it will make her audience giggle. She can be incredibly affectionate when it suits her, and has mastered the art of ignoring everyone around her if it gets her out of doing something that she doesn't want to do. In short, she is as perfect as her mother.

My mum

My mum is my yard stick. The only reason I have the bravery to be a single mum is because I watched my own mum do it for fourteen years. She is also the person I am the most similar to in every single way. We share the same filthy sense of humor  the same belief on what a family should be and the same fear of confrontation. She is the woman who drove me to every single doctors appointment as a child, was in the audience of every performance I was ever in (even the really terrible ones) and the one who gave me somewhere to live when I left Miss K's dad. She is a wonderful mum to her six kids, an even better grandma to her four grand kids and the best damn mother in law to four partners.

My dad

My dad doesn't feature as much as some people in my blog, but he is definitely a big part of my life. My relationship with dad hasn't been all peaches and cream, but I know that he loves me, even though he can't just come out and say it. He is the fixer of our family, and any time that something breaks down or breaks apart it goes straight to dad for repairs. The unfortunate thing about this is he always has a to do list a mile long so the wait time for repairs is longer than the average repair shop. My dad has had a very interesting life and has travelled to so many places and done so many things, but he hardly talks about his past, so there is so much I don't know about him from before I was born that I would love to find out. My dad actually has eleven children, as he was married once before he met my mum, so as you can tell he loves babies.

My big sister Sam

Sam is the little voice in my head that I can't lie to. She is always the first to call me out on my drama, but always manages to do it in a way that makes it impossible to call her a big meanie. She is everything you could want in a big sister and more. If ever I had a problem I was too embarrassed to go to mum to, I would always make a beeline to her, and most of the time she could fix it. Even if the solution was go see mum. My sister and I could not be less alike if we tried. She has always been the responsible respectable one, while I was the scatter brained slob with the mouth of a sailor. Which is why she hated lending me anything when we were kids. Everyone thinks we are twins, despite the four year age gap, which is why I quite often get asked how my son is, and she gets stopped in the street by people I went to school with. She is a devoted mum to one beautiful daughter and one gorgeous son, and I secretly watch her while she is with her kids just so I can learn how to get Miss K to be so well behaved. (We're family so that's technically not stalking OK??)

My little brothers

My two brothers while not feature players in my blog are still a big part of my life. One brotherJosh is the father to my other beautiful niece and nephew, and the other, Ben is an actor in Melbourne living the high life with his partner Tristan. Again they are as different to each other as chalk and cheese (one is very shy and quiet and tends to blend into the background as much as he can where the other one is extroverted and loves to be the centre of attention, thus the career in theatre.) Both of them are more like their father than they will ever admit, but they both possess the ability to make people laugh.  And while I may complain about their faults to anyone who will listen, I will fight to the death anyone who tries to hurt them.

My little sisters

The babies of the family (although they will kill me for calling them that) my last two sisters Nat and Kim are at that wonderful time known as their early twenties. Both try their hardest to be seen by the rest of us kids as more than just the babies of the family, but to me they will always be the pig tailed little girls in leotards and ballet slippers they wore as kids. Both work in child care, which while similar to what I do as a parent pays a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less hours. If ever I want to bug the hell out of them I just mention how much harder I work than them. Works every time. I'll probably get into trouble for making a big deal out of this, but both my baby sisters saved Miss K's life when she was 2 weeks old by performing mouth to mouth resuscitation on her when she stopped breathing. There is not enough chocolate in the world to say thanks for that.
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