Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A girl's best friend

Ladies and Gentlemen, for you're reading pleasure, allow me to introduce to you Elmo.


Elmo is Miss K's favourite toy. Her father bought it for her from the Sunday Market when she was in hospital with meningitis as a baby, and they have been pretty inseparable since. 

Miss K meeting Elmo for the first time

Elmo has been Miss K's bedtime buddy since she was 6 months old, and no bedtime is official until she's got him in her arms

I think they were trying to make a run for it.

I love watching Miss K try to get to sleep, because the first thing she will do is grab Elmo and smush him into her face as hard as she can. Then for some reason there is lots of grunting and groaning sounds before she finally nods off. I don't know how this works, but all I know is it's the best sleep aid she's ever had. Even when we go for overnight visits, Elmo has to come with us, or there will be no sleep.

Miss K and Elmo, asleep in her dad's bed

Lately, Elmo's position has been upgraded from bedtime buddy to daytime play thing. If we ever spend any real time in Miss K's room, she inevitably crawls up to her bed and rescues him from his constant nap to come join her in playing. He even managed to sneak his way into the photos for her birthday party earlier this year.


Elmo's starting to actually look a little bit sad, despite the baths I give him occasionally to freshen him up and get rid of some of the baby drool Miss K drips all over him at night time, but Miss K adores him anyway, even though he can smell pretty funky after a night with her. I hope she never gets tired of Elmo, but if the day ever does come, he'll be packed away in a box carefully and kept safe because I know even though she'll think she's too big for toys, there is never a more special friend than your first teddy bear.
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