Monday, 23 July 2012

This is why I shouldn't blog late at night

I can't believe it, I was in such a hurry to post my diary entry last night I forgot two of the biggest events of last week. Well it's not too late to let you guys know what's been going on I guess.

The first big thing that happened last week was that Miss K sprouted another two teeth. It explains why she has been so touchy the last week or so, and yet she has still been such a trooper about it. I would have expected a lot worse from someone going through cutting two teeth at the same time. The teeth she's cutting at the moment are her molars, but she hasn't even finished cutting all of her front teeth yet.

The other big thing that happened was another noticeable earth quake. It wasn't as big as the first one we felt, and it didn't go as long, but it definitely gave us all a shock. Apparently there have been over 200 tremors since June, but most of them are so small they pass by without us even noticing, but this is the third one I've felt. It's funny how quickly we've become accustomed to the earth shaking underneath our feet, mum looked up from her ice cream for a few seconds, then resumed eating, and I just walked slowly to Miss K's room once the quake was over to make sure she was OK. I guess we've all just accepted that this is going to be a part of life for the next couple of months, and as long as the house doesn't fall down around our ears, it's all good.

So I was a very busy beaver today, I finally got around to getting my tyre fixed this morning. It turns out I drove over a nail some months ago, and it finally had its evil way with my tyre and blew a hole in it. Luckily it was a quick fix and I'll organise to get it put back on the car tomorrow. I have to say that the tyre shop I went to were wonderful, the repair was surprisingly cheap, and they even rebalanced the tyre for me. I'll definitely be going back to them if I drive over another nail. I also organised to get my glasses picked up in two weeks, so I'm pretty excited that I'll be able to see better very soon. I managed to get to K Mart while I was up the street this morning and bought a cute foam jigsaw puzzle mat for Miss K's room, and we both had a lot of fun setting it up tonight before dinner. While I was there I also bought a new laminator and I'll be firing it up this evening to get the rest of my laminating completed which is pretty exciting.

Well that's me done for another day, this really was just another dear diary, but to mix it up a bit, I'll share a picture that was sent to me this morning on Facebook. I think that this was made just for Miss K, and it speaks volumes about her.

This happens to me several times a day, and it's never pretty.
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