Monday, 2 July 2012

Dear Diary EOFY edition

Good evening my lovely readers, we're at that time of week again where I submit another diary entry a day late. I'm not actually going to blog anything about the end of the financial year, especially given I've been a full time mum for almost 16 months now, this is just another week in my calendar instead of what it once was, a fortnight spent panicking hoping I'd given all of my previous and current employers my correct address so I could get all of my group certificates quickly and get me some money. If I was getting a tax return this year, it would be spent on glasses and my car, which has lost all of its guts, and a tyre. Thankfully getting the slow leak which presented itself several weeks ago fixed is hopefully only going to cost me $20 instead of the $80 I originally thought I'd have to fork out.

And amazingly enough, a busted tyre wasn't even the highlight of my week. My little brother and his partner have come down for a short visit this weekend, which was great news for all of us, as these visits can be as far apart as several months, so it's always lovely to see them when they visit. Miss K wasn't as excited as the rest of us to see them, especially as it meant that she woke up from her sleep at 10:00 last night to find two strange men sitting in her living room, which is always a recipe for disaster for Miss K. That's right, she's finally hit that really clingy stage, which means that instead of staring dumbly at strangers who try to talk to her in the supermarket these days, she usually cries and reaches out for me insisting that I pick her up and make the bad people go away. This is a hard phase to deal with, because all of the books say you shouldn't make a big deal of her fears, as that tends to make them last even longer, but it's hard to watch her go through that terror and not want to punch people if it will make her stop sobbing. Of course all was fine this morning when she woke up and they were still here, she even let my brother's partner pick her up and feed her potato chips, which is usually the best way to win Miss K's affections every time.

Still on Miss K, she has developed a few interesting new quirks over the last week or so, which always delights me to see. For one she tries to copy a lot more of what I say, which would be good if I had anything intelligent to say, unfortunately as that is not the case, we instead spend a lot of time saying Iggle Piggle to each other, which helps no one. Another thing she has started doing is pretending to eat imaginary food, either when she sees it in pictures, or if I just hold my empty hand out in front of her. This is an adorable game, and I take great pleasure in showing it off to anyone as soon as they enter the house.  

I'm still studying like a mad woman even though we are on term holidays in Australia at the moment, as I'm hoping to get my current unit completed as soon as possible so that I have a huge holiday at the end, as the assignments for this one aren't due until September. Of course I was horrified to discover on Friday that I needed to go back to year 7 maths in order to understand some of the work I was trying to complete, and I even had to call in my big sister to explain negative numbers to me, something which I haven't had to deal with since I was at least 6 inches shorter and quite a bit younger. I'm actually pretty lucky to have a big sister like mine, she was always my go to for maths homework, as my mum hates maths as much as I do and was never able to help me, and going to dad for help always ended in yelling and tears, so it was nice to have someone around who could explain my work to me in a way so that I could sort of understand it. I'm certain I would have failed a lot more maths classes if it wasn't for her.

Well that's me done for another evening, I have a horrible feeling I'm going to be getting a phone call early tomorrow morning asking me to drive my little sister to a dentist's appointment so I better get in now if I want to get my proper beauty hibernation. Stay awesome my lovely readers and I'll be back soon I'm sure.
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