Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Highs and lows

Wanna know what the low point of my day was?? It was a few moments after Miss K saw a mashed up biscuit stuck to the carpet, it was just after she tried to pick it up with her hand to eat it. It was the moment she decided to squat down and try to lick the biscuit off the carpet. It is times like that that I love having cat like reflexes. They come in handy when you have a feral for a daughter.

Do you want to know what the highlight of my day today was? It was a few moments after Miss K woke up from her sleep tonight screaming. It was also after I'd given her paracetamol, then mopped up the paracetamol that she spat out, then given her a chocolate, then paced her bedroom floor for five minutes trying to get her to stop crying, it was after I turned out the lights and sat with her in the rocking chair snuggled up in her new Dr Seuss quilt. It was the moment when she had finally stopped crying, was sitting quietly in my knee listening to music with me, and she looked up at me, then reached up to give me a big wet kiss. It made the almost bursting bladder, and the desperate need for a cigarette worthwhile just for the chance to snuggle with my beautiful little girl who even though she can't say it, just showed me how much she loves me.
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