Thursday, 26 July 2012

Another bug is doing the rounds

So this is only a short post today because I am absolutely drained and need to get some sleep pronto. This may be the last blogging I do for the next couple of days, we found out today that Miss K has come down with hand foot and mouth disease, and she's pretty miserable with it all, so I'm going to be focusing on her completely for the next couple of days until she comes good.

There is nothing worse than spotting spots on your little one. I was at my big sisters when we noticed that Miss K was doing a pretty good impersonation of a leopard. We were initially worried that her fatigue and general lack of motivation could have been due to a bout of gastro that is making it's rounds through my sister's house at the moment, but once I noticed the spots on her hands matched the ones on her mouth nicely, that's when we realised it was something completely different and called the doctor to see if he could squeeze us in quickly. The doctor was very nice and found a small space for us to come in, and confirmed in about two minutes that it was quite possibly hand foot and mouth disease, and then sent us on our way. The joys of viruses like this is there is no medications available, you just have to ride it out.

So that's what Miss K and I are going to be doing for the next few days. We will be staying in and having a couple of quiet days together until she is mended.

So since I can't promise that I'll be around much for the next few days, here is a picture of Dr Tinycat to tide you over in the meantime. He will bring to this blog the cuteness that I am so lacking given that I'm not 6 inches tall and furry.

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