Thursday, 5 July 2012

4th of July fireworks detonated by God Particle

So a big part of being a blogger is trying to figure out how to get traffic to come to your website. By some random stroke of luck my humble little blog is now one of the thousands of sites you can find by using StumbleUpon. I don't know how this happened, but I have learnt not to question good luck, just to enjoy its rewards. I know that I have been found by StumbleUpon because Blogspot is kind enough to give you stats every day about the websites that refer traffic to you, as well as what people were searching for when they found you. So far I have been found by people looking for baby Barbie bedroom decorating ideas, as well as the pregnancy Barbie, which lead everyone back to the story I did on inappropriate dolls for children here, which makes that post my most lucrative one yet.

So being cheeky, I decided today to look up the most popular searches on Google for today, which is where my title has come from. Of course given I live in Australia, and am a day ahead of a lot of the rest of the world, I had completely forgotten that 4th July was coming up, despite the fact that a lot of the blogs I follow have been posting Independence Day themed blogs for weeks now. So happy Independence Day for all of my American readers, have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the fireworks.

Of course the other big thing to hit the news this week is the possible discovery of the God Particle which has excited the right wing Christians almost as much as it has excited the scientists, but for completely different reasons. I can actually remember the last time the Hadron Collider made the headlines, and how everyone was panicking that the end of the world was coming, and surprise, surprise the anticlimax when nothing happened. As for the God Particle itself, I cannot give an opinion given my lack of understanding, and the way my temples throb whenever I try to read anything about it for more than five minutes, so you'll all have to come up with your own opinions this time, I'm of no help whatsoever.

Now what if anything all of these things have to do with my blog is yet to be seen. This really was just a marketing ploy to see if I can introduce any more people to my writing with the least amount of effort. So if you have stumbled here solely through my clever use of hot topics in my title, stay for a while, make yourself at home, feel free to browse through my movie collection while I put the kettle on. For any of my regular readers who just wanted to know what the hell I was smoking when I decided to stray from my normal rants to write this nonsense, I promise it will be back to normal tomorrow, but you're welcome to stay for the craziness too.
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