Sunday, 22 July 2012

Like nailing jelly to a wall

This is Miss K's bedroom when it is clean

It's so pretty

And this is Miss K's bedroom ten minutes after I clean it.


I let her trash her room like this because it gives me ten minutes of peace and quiet to enjoy a cup of coffee, or just have an entire conversation without having to use the word no once. There are times when I don't even know why I bother cleaning it up at the end of the day, as Miss K certainly never seems to appreciate the effort, and it appears that she prefers it dirty anyway. This is just one of the futile fights that Miss K and I have on a regular basis at the moment. We fight a lot at the moment. She questions the absoluteness of my authority over her, and I question her need to push my buttons all the time. 

I know this is just the precursor to the terrible twos, but it begs the question, how terrible will the terrible twos get given that we have world war three in our house on a daily basis already. Miss K seems to take the word no as a challenge, and loves it when my back is turned for five seconds, because that is a big enough window to get into a lot of things that she knows she's not meant to. She's not stupid either, she knows she's not allowed to hit the television, or eat pencils, but she does it anyway. And then when I hit the roof and start yelling I'm the monster for not letting her run riot. 

I'm becoming an expert on ignoring temper tantrums, but instead of having the desired effect of making her stop screaming, right now it makes her scream even louder, I'm not sure if she thinks I can't hear her properly the first time, but she's determined to let me know she's not happy and I'm meant to be doing something about it. I have on several occasions tried changing tactics and crying with her, but that doesn't work either, and I end up looking just as immature as the baby, but without the adorable chubby face to balance things out. 

Luckily for me the tantrums never last long and Miss K is always quick to forgive and forget if given the proper distractions, and then life goes back to normal. It also has the added bonus of making me appreciate the good times even more. 
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