Friday, 10 August 2012

Where does lost motivation go?

I certainly have lost my motivation this week. The bedroom that I posted about yesterday is just as messy today, as after all of the energy I spent writing about it for you guys, I just couldn't bring myself to do anything about it. It is just another thing on my growing to do list that is frankly starting to scare me. On top of cleaning my room I need to really sort out my family room because it has become the dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a home. The pantry is another dumping ground and even though I've seen some great blogs which have some awesome ideas for how to organise all of these rooms, none of them tell you how to do it for free, and with little effort. I am online at the moment purely for the purpose of trying to find some inspiration, but looking at all of the pictures and ideas just makes me incredibly depressed that there are so many people out there for whom this isn't hard.

Hopefully I'll be back to normal in a day or two, otherwise I'm going to have to bite the bullet and hire a cleaner. And we all know how  horrible that would be.
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