Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Curse you stomach bug!

So if anyone has noticed I've been absent the last few days, it is because I have been laid up in bed with gastro since Monday night. I don't get sick very often, in fact this is the first bug I've caught all year so you can imagine how horrible I feel when I do finally get sick.

The worst part of being sick was not the horrible stomach cramps, or the fever, or the vomiting. It was the fact that I couldn't take care of Miss K for 24 hours. We actually sent her off to my sister's place for the day yesterday for several reasons. The first being I didn't want her being around me while I was that sick, as the last thing we need in this house is a baby with gastro. And the second reason was so that I could get a day of proper rest to hopefully knock the bug out as quickly as possible, and it worked. I'm not completely better today, but the worst of the symptoms are long gone, all I have now is the sore muscles and a complete lack of energy.

I was quite worried about how Miss K would cope being away from me for the whole day, as I usually make sure we don't get separated for more than an hour or two at a time, but for the most part she was OK with not having me around, but my sister did say that by the afternoon she was ready to see mum again. But that's OK because despite the fact that I couldn't have held her even if I wanted to yesterday afternoon, I was missing her like crazy too. My daughter drives me crazy a lot of the time, and she pushes my buttons like no one else can, but I hate being separated from her, even when it's for sensible reasons like illness. Even when she had Meningitis as a baby I stayed with her in the hospital for the full 3 weeks so this is something I'm not used to.

I was so frustrated on Monday evening when I realised that I was sick, because I was actually out visiting my big sister for a movie night at the time. I'd gone over there to watch The Hunger Games with her and my younger sister, and I had to cut the night short so I could go home and hug the toilet bowl. It was the first night out I've had on my own in 3 months too which just seemed to make me feel even worse. I was also supposed to be going to a cupcake fundraising day for the RSPCA today, but given that I'm still not completely well I decided it was best if I stayed away from large crowds for another few days, and I still have no appetite so it's not like I would have eaten any cupcakes either.

But now the worst of everything is over, and I now have heaps of housework to catch up on (yay). I can't believe how quickly things pile up when you take one day off.
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