Monday, 6 August 2012

Miss K's new room (finally)

As promised for several weeks now, here are photos of Miss K's new bedroom. For anyone who can't remember what it looked like before, check here for photos taken before the redecorating started. Now before I even upload these photos I must tell you to disregard all of the toys and crap on the floor I missed while I was cleaning up her room today. Just pretend that you don't see them, that's what I do. And also apologies for the amateur photography too, I know you're meant to take photos during the day allowing as much natural sunlight in as possible, but given that the weather here today was cloudy and miserable I just used the flash.

This is the nappy stacker that I made the other weekend. It is so much bigger than her old one, I can actually fit in an entire box of nappies now which means no more boxes cluttering up my floors. I've actually had a friend request one of these for her nursery as she wants a Winnie the Poo themed room and can't find a nappy stacker she likes.

The sign you have already seen, but the picture border above it was the result of many hours tearing apart old books, laminating the pages and squinting at walls to see if the lines were straight. Nine times out of ten they weren't (damn my lazy eye) but in the end I managed to get it to work. As an added bonus the wall border fits the walls exactly, thanks to some creative layering in some places, and spacing in others, the book starts right behind the door on one side, and stretches perfectly around the room.

This is some more of the picture border, as well as some paintings I did from the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. I was stoked with how the canvases came out, and they were a lot brighter than the ones you can buy from speciality stores in America. The orange isn't really fluro as it looks here, that is just the result of my flash.

A close up of the canvases. I know they are crooked, Miss K keeps kicking the wall and given they are right behind the cot I have the hardest time keeping them straight. I've already surrendered and let them lie wherever they want. 

Miss K's new reading corner. There will eventually be a reading light on the bookshelf, but we are having a hard time modifying a normal table lamp so that it has a goose neck attached, but once it's finished the effect will be amazing. I'll post pictures as soon as it is finished.

As you can probably tell from the inside of these stacking baskets they used to be two different shades of pink. I realised that they didn't really fit in with the new colours in the room pretty quickly, but luckily for me I had plenty of the material used on Miss K's new quilt cover left over so an evening spent cutting and glueing and I had a new matching piece of furniture to put Miss K's body suits and bibs in.

I found lots of wonderful Dr Seuss quotes all over the internet, and I wanted to incorporate them into the bedroom. A lot of people get them turned into wall decals, but given I didn't have the budget for this I turned them into small pictures. There are three of them in total, this one says "Why fit in when you were born to stand out" and it fills the blank space left by removing the lattice on her wall. They will be framed eventually to make them stand out against the wall.

Another Dr Seuss quote

The last Dr Seuss quote. 

I made the paper by tearing red and white paper into strips and then pasting the strips together. The quotes are written with letter stickers which I luckily have in abundance with thanks to my obsession with collecting scrap booking materials.

The placement of the last two Dr Seuss quotes.

Miss K's play area with a lovely new foam jigsaw puzzle mat. I love that it brings a huge splash of colour to an otherwise boring grey carpet, and on the plus side I have something soft to sit on when I'm playing tea parties.

Miss K's cot, complete with the new quilt. The sheet is only temporary until I can find one in a colour that better compliments the quilt cover. Why is it so hard to find white sheet covers these days??

The cot from a different angle. Ignore the storage underneath. It turned out the material for the cot quilt and the nappy stacker were the most expensive purchases made for the entire room, coming to around $50 in the end. The rest of the stuff was part of my stash of crafty things, 

So there you have it. For under $100 Miss K has a completely new room that she absolutely loves. We have to go around the room and look at everything before she goes to bed every night, and I've found it also works in distracting her when she's throwing a particularly bad temper tantrum. Now that I've been bitten by the decorating bug I'm determined to turn my room into something equally as pretty.
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