Saturday, 11 August 2012

My lightbulb moment

So I think I have figured out why I have lost my mojo this week. I have been feeling rather guilty lately as I have been neglecting my school work in favour for redecorating Miss K's room, as well as learning how to quilt, and anything else I can find to distract me that has to be done straight away. I think that my current lack of motivation is my brain's way of forcing me to get back into studying. I haven't picked up any books since the first week of term holidays in June, so I'm very lucky that I haven't fallen behind, as we're still on the same subject we were on before term 2 ended.

My big problem is that the assignment I am supposed to be completing right now is so brain numbingly boring I can't sit still long enough to even think about writing it. I am supposed to be setting long term goals for myself, and if you haven't realised by the amount of projects I have on the go at the moment, I am very bad at setting and sticking to goals. I tend to bounce around more than a pinball in a busy arcade, which doesn't bode well if I have assignments to complete that require lots of time spent sitting down and thinking. But given how important this course is to me, that is exactly what I have to do, and hopefully once the horrible assignment is finished I'll be able to find my motivation again and get going on everything else I want to complete.

So tonight I am going to forget everything else. My bedroom is still a pigsty, the quilting is put away for now, and I am going to study. Wish me luck.

*Editors note: I have finished the stupid boring assignment and submitted it for grading. I also checked all my other assignments previously submitted and am proud to announce I received 100% for one of my units and 98% for the other one. Still waiting for the results for one more unit that I submitted several months ago but the results so far have me chomping at the bit to get the rest of my work done. I'd say that's a success.
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