Sunday, 5 August 2012

The point of Pinterest

So apparently there is more to Pinterest than just pinning pretty photos onto random boards. It is supposed to serve as a source of inspiration for projects, renovations, organisation and crafty things. I have heard from a lot of people (mainly other bloggers that I obsessively follow) that while they love pinning things to their boards, they rarely use the tips or instructions provided with the photo. A lot of Pinterest projects are cropping up everywhere as people madly try to make use of all of the wonderful ideas that are available at our fingertips.

Now a lot of my boards don't really have anything that I can use in future projects or crafts, I have just pinned them up because they are pretty, or they make me laugh. But I do have one or two boards with some wonderful ideas on them, some of which I used in Miss K's new bedroom. So given that I have technically been using the Pinterest boards for inspiration, but I've never really done anything exactly as it was presented to me, I decided on Friday to actually make something from one of my boards. And the beautiful thing about it was it was something Miss K and I could do together, and she could play with once it was finished. We made a discovery bottle

Pictured: a discovery bottle

This was the photo I used as my inspiration. I didn't read the instructions on how to make this, as how hard can it be to put sparkly things into a bottle? So on Friday afternoon once mum went to work, Miss K and I sat down with a bottle of water, a heap of tubs of sequins and beads and spent ten minutes making a discovery bottle. I was surprised at how much fun Miss K had putting the various items into the bottle, as I figured out she would have lost interest in this part pretty quickly, but she was there with me to the very end helping put sequins and beads into our bottle, she even chose which order we put the things in. And given that I was mixing children, water and carpets we managed to keep the mess to a minimum too which is always a bonus.

Pictured: A discovery bottle, as taken by a terrible photographer.

So we made our discovery bottle, put on the lid and I showed her how to shake it around to make all the sequins and beads inside float around, and I waited for her to get so excited she couldn't contain herself. But like with all the best laid out plans of mice and men the excitement wasn't so much palpable as non existent. Miss K was mildly interested with the pretty colours and movement, but she wasn't bouncing off the walls in glee. So I persisted and kept shaking the bottle and moving it around hoping to get something of a better reaction from her. But it seemed that Miss K wasn't going to have a bar of it, she ignored my questions about how pretty she thought it was and what colours she could see and kept taking the bottle away from me and putting it on the floor out of my reach. I was beginning to get frustrated at how much time I had wasted making a toy for her that she didn't like until I realised I had it all wrong.

It turns out Miss K did like her new toy, so much so that she didn't want to share it with me. And she still won't share it. Any time anyone picks it up she makes a mad dash to them and grabs it away. She even wanted to take it to bed with her that night. So I really should write to the makers of this toy and thank them for turning the inner brat in Miss K into the outer brat in Miss K. But I can't complain really because it turns out I got it right for once. Score one for mum!

Pictured: Miss K not sharing her toys
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