Monday, 6 August 2012

Dear Diary The I can see clearly edition

Everybody sing now "I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE RAIN HAS GOOOOONE" Well it has stopped raining, but that's not why I can see, I finally picked up my new glasses today, and the difference in my vision is amazing. I had to clean the television this afternoon, because I could finally see the fingerprint marks Miss K left there that mum has been complaining about for weeks.

Pictured: Me in my new glasses

It is so weird not having to squint to see the pattern on my toilet floor. I'm sure these glasses have other purposes, but that in itself was enough to keep me amused this afternoon. Once I get used to them and stop going dizzy every time I move my head I'm looking forward to being able to see everything I couldn't before. And the glasses weren't my only purchase today, I also decided to splash out and buy myself a quilting kit to give me something to do at night while Miss K is in bed. I could live to regret this decision eventually, as I have never attempted to quilt anything before, but I'm willing to give it a go anyway.

We had a frustrating day today as the electricity maintenance people decided that it was the perfect time to do maintenance on the wires in the area. That meant that we were without power from 9 this morning till just before 3 this afternoon. It meant that we had to boil water for our coffees on the stove, we couldn't use our heater which was just perfect given the temperature outside was bloody cold, and the temperature inside decided to match it. I also couldn't use the computer, my portable DVD player or even the microwave. It served to remind me exactly how much we rely on technology for even the simplest things like cooking lunch, and I know if there was some kind of natural disaster which disabled the power grids, I would be well and truly screwed.

We have had a family of sick people this week, my big sister and my nephew are both unwell, and my little sister has been staying over since Saturday as she has a nasty virus, and she has been filling the house with the charming sounds of violent vomiting and throaty coughs ever since. It is tempting to break out the Hazmat suits but in the spirit of looking sympathetic I have restrained myself and merely sneak into my bedroom whenever it sounds like she's about to hack up a lung.

Miss K is as loud and boisterous as usual, she has learned how to say hi and hello recently so her conversations are peppered with greetings these days, and she loves it when someone new walks into the room because it gives her an excuse to yell hi at them. It has now been almost a week since I decided to try weaning Miss K from her night time feeds and I am proud to announce that she is officially sleeping through the night. I am absolutely gobsmacked at how quickly she took to sleeping through, and I have heard reports from mum and my little sisters that she still wakes up several times a night, but she is quite happy to entertain herself quietly until she is tired enough to go back to sleep. She did decide one night that it would be a fun game to kick the wall really loudly at 1am, and I was worried that if I went in and repositioned her I would be giving her an excuse to cry and beg to be let up, but she was happy to have me pop in, move her to the top of her bed and walk out alone. She even went back to sleep shortly afterwards. 

I mentioned earlier this week that Miss K's new bedroom is completed, and I am going to take photos of it this afternoon so they will be posted shortly. I can't wait to share the changes with you guys, and I'm sure you're all just as excited as I am.

Well that's me done for another week, I'll be back again soon with photos.
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