Thursday, 23 August 2012

Eye candy for us mums

Would you like to know the real reason I let Miss K watch television?
The gorgeous actors on the shows she loves of course. Let me give you an example. 


This attractive lad is Gavin Stenhouse. He plays Nate on the Iconicles, a show which combines computer generated animation with real live action for an audience of snot nosed brats and their mums. The kids will never appreciate that smile quite like the mums can, which I think is why they cast him. But he isn't the only good looking guy on our screen these days, oh no, there are more...

This is Phil Gallagher, or if you have children, Mister Maker. He presents an art show for kids similar to Art Attack which is what I watched when I was a kid. He reminds me a bit of my first boyfriend unfortunately, especially given he acts as if he's constantly in a beach side pantomime, which gets a bit much after a while, but he's still nice to look at.

This is James Rees otherwise known as Jimmy Giggle. (The blue owl next to him is Hoot the Owl). Now I have it on good authority from my little brother that James is a lot more arrogant than his alter ego as my brother has performed with his parents in an amateur production of Oklahoma last year, so I don't really harbour any fantasies of him bumping into us one day and falling in love with both me and Miss K so much that he gives up his television career to live in the sticks with us. But still, isn't he pretty??? 

One more picture?? Oh alright then

Now this gentleman isn't so much to look at in the facial area as the other gentlemen were, but that's not what I look at when I'm watching Lazy Town. This is Magnus Scheving from Iceland. He's an Olympic gymnast, as well as being the creator of the show Lazy Town. So brains and brawn all in the one tidy little package. Plus he can leap about like he weighs absolutely nothing. Yummy! 

So there you have it. The real reason I let my daughter rot her brain with television, because it gets mine fired right up. 
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