Tuesday, 14 August 2012

30 ways in 30 days challenge

So I apologise for not writing yesterday, I had intended on coming on last night and bragging about how good I was yesterday, but after spending the entire day being all busy and mum-like I was so exhausted I didn't even look at the computer. But I had a good night's rest last night and I've not been quite so frenzied with my cleaning today so I still have plenty of energy right now to brag.

After I wrote this post about a blog I found giving inspiration on how to get organised, I decided it was not enough to just write down all the wonderful ideas on this blog and read it every day, it was time to actually do something about the state of my life. So I am starting my own 30 day challenge based on what I read. Yesterday was the first day and so far things are going very well. I can't say that it is a success just yet because it is easy to do something for one day. Trying to keep it up permanently is something that takes determination and will power. And those are two traits that I usually lack.

But that doesn't change how proud I am of my effort yesterday. I wrote myself a huge to do list on Sunday night and made myself work till I managed to tick off everything on the list. There were some things that I didn't actually get to accomplish, but it wasn't because I got bored and wandered off. One item on my list was buy new ink cartridges for my printer, but when I got to the computer store to make my purchase I was told that my printer is an absolute dinosaur, and they don't really sell ink cartridges for it any more. I could have gotten some ordered in specially, but it would have been cheaper to buy a brand new printer, as purchasing both a black and white and colour cartridge would end up costing me around $80. So I had to scratch that one off my list unfinished unfortunately.

Today there was a new to do list  written up, and I managed to accomplish quite a few things on the list. Again I came across stumbling blocks, like a supermarket that didn't sell borax, and a calculator that refuses to show itself, but again many items got crossed off, and those that didn't can just be added to tomorrows to do list, and then any day afterwards until I get them all completed. And on and on it will go for 30 days. And hopefully by the end of the 30 days I won't need to look at my inspiration every single morning before I get going, it will just be second nature for me to get up in the morning and do my job.

I'll be posting updates here every now and again just so you my wonderful readers can know how I'm progressing, but for now I have to get off the computer, as I'm only allowing myself half an hour on the computer at a time, as this is one of my biggest distractions, and I still have lots I could be doing. Wish me luck
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