Friday, 3 August 2012

Too many projects, not enough babysitters

I'm being very naughty right now, I'm meant to be doing the dishes and tidying up the house, but I have come down with a case of the Cant Be Bothereds so housework can wait. I have a lovely quiet house all to myself at the moment, as Miss K is down having her nap and mum is babysitting my nephew today, so I am enjoying the peace, and the ability to hear my own thoughts.

I have actually been a bit lost the last few days, now that Miss K's bedroom is all but finished I haven't had anything to do with my hands at night once she's in bed, and that always makes me sad. I have really enjoyed doing up her bedroom, and even the boring bits like trying to figure out where each piece of furniture and decoration would go has been a heap of fun. I wouldn't say I'm ready to go out and become an interior decorator, but I'm super pleased with the results.

So now I am on the hunt for a new project to undertake, which sounds like fun but really isn't. There are so many little areas around the house that could do with a once over, and thinking of them all together in a giant group just serves to make me tired. I want to get into my bedroom soon and give that some colour and give me something pretty to look at when I'm in there, and I've already got some ideas of what I can do. I follow another lovely blog here called A Small Bite of Mondocherry and they do some beautiful things with paper and fabrics, and they have given me some wonderful inspiration for things I can put on my walls. I also want to start putting pictures of Miss K up, as I have a lot of them in scrapbooks, but very little of them actually out on display. I also need to get into our family room and empty it out so that it can become my second lounge room and also a play room for Miss K. I have removed almost all of her toys out of our real lounge room as they have become a real tripping hazard for anyone who tries to walk in to the room, and it was getting too frustrating having to clean all of them up.

I also want to start a vegetable patch with mum this year, and we need to get our garden bed weeded and cleaned up in the next few weeks if we hope to have anything planted in time for summer. I love home grown tomatoes, and I really want to try to grow my own strawberry plant as well. I love strawberries straight off the vine, there is nothing better. We have also talked about turning one part of our back yard into an entertainment area where we can go and have drinks during summer, and possibly Christmas lunch if it's at our house this year.

The only problem with all of these projects is that they are very difficult to accomplish when your shadow is two feet tall and likes putting foreign objects into her mouth. I have already discovered while trying to stick a picture border up in Miss K's room that she is unimpressed with how little attention she gets when I am busy with a big project, so I don't know how successful I am going to be with the next one I take on.

But given that I have all the free time in the world on my hands right now given that Miss K is currently in bed asleep, I really should try to get something accomplished instead of just sitting here talking about it to you guys. So I'm off to get some work done.
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