Thursday, 9 August 2012

Behind closed doors

So I considered asking Miss K to do my blog post for today, but given that she is currently mesmerised by the old show McMillan and Wife I can't get much out of her. That means it is up to me to entertain you guys by myself. And even though I have a huge job that I am avoiding building up the energy to get to, I will put it off for now just to give you guys something new to read.

So what is the big job I'm meant to be doing right now? Well instead of telling you guys I'm going to show you instead.

Nope it's not the site of a recent bomb attack, what you are looking at is my bedroom. Cosy isn't it? I'm meant to be in there right now giving it a good spring clean as I'm pretty sure it now classifies as a fire hazard. The only problem is once a room gets to this state I get too overwhelmed to be able to cope with cleaning it. A lot of the stuff is just really big and in large piles, so it shouldn't really take too long to do, but just the thought of starting is enough to make me want to take a lie down.

But sitting here writing for you guys is getting nothing accomplished, so I'm going to sign off for now and actually do something useful. Chat later.
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