Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dear Diary the she's leaving home edition

Hello again my wonderful readers as I return to recap another wonderful week. I'm sure I have lots to tell you, let me just sit here for a second while I try to remember something earlier than what I ate for tea tonight. It was Dim Sims in case you were wondering.

So the last few days our house has been full of talk about moving house. No, Miss K and I are not leaving the nest just yet, as we have it way too good here right now =D. My little sister however has finally taken a huge plunge and is moving into a flat all by herself. This isn't her first move from home however, as last year the week before Miss K was born she moved to Melbourne to live with my little brother and his partner. Then at the beginning of this year she moved back to our home town and decided to share a house with my other little brother and his wife and daughter. And now she has finally decided to live on her own for the very first time. I can only imagine how nervous she is about this, as the first time you get a house by yourself is always frightening at first. But I am surprised to find how jealous I am of her while I hear her talk about unpacking boxes and finding places to fit everything. I remember the excitement I used to feel when I moved house, every room is fresh and new, even though they have probably been lived in by dozens of people before you, and you get to decide where everything goes. So everything has already  been carted from storage into the new flat waiting for my little sister, and she finally follows it tomorrow once the gas and electricity are connected.

As for Miss K and I, we are trundling along happy as ever, my mojo hasn't fully returned yet but now that I have finished all of my overdue school work I am feeling a lot more relaxed, I even managed to tidy my bedroom to a degree yesterday. All clean clothes are folded and put away, all dirty clothes are hidden in a laundry hamper and my bookcase is tidy and free from dust and miscellaneous clutter. Who knows I may even try tackling some of the random piles of junk that have collected in the two corners not taken up by a bed and door this week. Miss K has learned a new word this week, she can now say please, and I have discovered that Miss K might have a lisp. I'm not sure if it is anything I can worry about just yet, especially as she is still learning how to form all of her sounds, but the next appointment I have with our Maternal Health Nurse I will be mentioning it, just so that it is put on her record for future reference.

Well that's it really for this week, I never did get the virus that made the rounds through the rest of the family, so I'm grateful for that, as I'm not sure how sympathetic Miss K would have been if I had gotten sick. So I'm off to watch some rhythmic gymnastics before the Olympics finally end for another four years. Stay awesome wonderful readers and I'll be back again soon I'm sure.
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