Thursday, 23 February 2012

Eating humble pie

I have been advised by my sister that SHE TELLS ME SO!!!! Apparently mum and my big sister spent a lot of time telling me what being a parent is really like, and I did in fact ignore their advice. So both of them deserve the I told you so dances they have been doing for the last 11 months.

As of 10:00 this morning, Miss K has a tiny white thing sticking out of her gums. WE FINALLY HAVE ANOTHER TOOTH!!!! That puts her tooth count to 3 now. I don't know why she has been so slow to cut these teeth, I know every baby is different, but this tends to be something that is genetic. I managed to have a civil conversation with Ady's mum on the weekend and she told me Ady was cutting teeth at 6 months, and mum says I was too, so obviously Miss K just wants to be different.

I can't say that her mood is 100% better today, but it is a great improvement on what it has been the last couple  of days. At the moment she is lying under my chair playing with a broken computer mouse quite happily, and for some reason, there is a cartoon prehistoric monkey painting bananas in a cave on my television. I will not understand what passes for children's entertainment these days.

It has been brought to my attention that I spend a lot of my time on this blog complaining about all the hard things that come with being a parent. I guess this is because the bad stuff sticks with me more than the fun stuff. I don't have to worry so much about if Miss K is OK when we're having fun, because it's obvious that she's OK. But I feel I must reassure everyone that it's not all teething and dirty nappies around here. I spend more time laughing than anything else when I'm with Miss K. Apparently she is a lot like I was when I was a baby, and I have to say, I must have been a weird baby.

A perfect example came last night. My little sister's boyfriend came over after work, and my sister cooked him up a plate of sausage rolls and chips. She took one of the chips and broke it up for Miss K to eat, but Miss K hates holding slimy things. I think this is part of the reason why I've had so much trouble getting her to eat finger foods. The minute she feels that something is slimy, she drops it like a hot potato. Any way, we watched her pick up the chip several times, only to drop it on the table straight away. But then she decided to try to pick the chip up with her mouth instead of her hands. This would have worked if she was just a little bit taller, but she could never hold the chip long enough to bring it close enough to her so she could reach it with just her mouth. So for anyone who walked into the room in the middle of this, it would just look like Miss K was trying to lick the table.

So I am the proud mother of a very odd baby, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Despite how much I seem to complain on here.
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