Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You call that a Valentines Day? This is a Valentines Day

Is it bad that I went through most of yesterday without even realising that it was Valentines Day? Of course given that I am currently single, this shouldn't surprise me as much as it did, but I still can't believe I made it through "The Most Romantic Day Of The Year" without even realising what I was missing out on.

I'm one of probably millions of women around the world who haven't had very many romantic valentines days, in fact Ady was so against Valentines Day he created a Facebook page called "Every Day Should be Valentines Day." I asked him once if he felt this way why wasn't I getting flowers and chocolates every day, he couldn't give me a straight answer. So for us, yes every day was Valentines Day, because every day I wasn't getting flowers and chocolate.

I can actually count the times that I got flowers from Ady on two fingers. Once he showed up at work with a bunch of white Gerberas (I can't even remember telling him they were my favourite) just because, and the second time was when he came to the hospital after I gave birth to Miss K with a bunch of red Gerberas. (I really should give him more credit for actually remembering that they were my favourite).

I think Valentines Day are two words that can strike fear into the manliest of men. It's that one day of year where the weight of the entire world rests on their shoulders and the slightest mistake can put them in the dog house for years. I'm yet to meet a man who looks forward to this day, and I actually had one boyfriend ask me what date this "Valentines crap" was. We broke up before we could get to the valentines crap, but it wasn't because of that comment. Women can be unfairly hard on their partners when it comes to their expectations of Valentines Day, and I'm sure it has been the cause of many a relationship bust up.

I've come to the decision that a spontaneously romantic male is like a dog riding a skateboard. It's awesome when you see it, but not every one possesses the talent. So maybe it's time we all lightened up on this Most Romantic Day of the Year thing and give our men folk a break. It's not like they get many.

As for me, every day is still Valentines Day, and I still don't have a house filled with bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolate. And for that, my waistline thanks me.
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