Thursday, 16 February 2012

Miss K's adventures in Foodland

Ugh stupid thunderstorms. This post would have been written hours ago if we weren't hit with a large electrical storm this afternoon. I had to turn my computer off to save it from being fried if there was an electrical surge. A small possibility I know, but I love this computer, and I can't afford to replace it if it dies, so I'm doing everything to protect it, short of wrapping it in bubble wrap.

Miss K hated the thunderstorm, but for completely different reasons. My beautiful daughter is starting to become more and more aware of the world around her, which is fun to watch, but it means I have to be on hand a lot more to cuddle her, when the thunder rolls in, or a fly walks across the table. (I don't know why she's scared of flies, but it's hard to save her from them when I'm laughing so hard.)

Today was a small victory for Miss K, as she had a Vegemite sandwich for lunch. I know this doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment, but given that she's been eating mainly puréed food since she was 4 months old, and is generally resistant to all things lumpy, I'm still going to do a happy dance.

Solid foods has been one of the largest sources of fights between myself and Miss K over the past few months. (The biggest seems to be getting her to sit still and not scream every time I get her dressed, but we're working on that one.) Our maternal health nurse seems to think Miss K should be eating a lot more solids than she is, but I struggle to take advice from someone who hasn't actually tried to feed Miss K.

You see, the older Miss K gets, the more stubborn she gets, and the quicker she is to crack a tantrum if she doesn't like what is happening. Once upon a time I was able to get her to eat everything I put in front of her without so much as a "what the hell is this slop?" but these days it is much different. She will clamp her mouth shut the minute I put a spoon anywhere near her, and getting her to even taste her meal is an ordeal. Then if she doesn't like it, we spend the next half hour wrestling for the spoon as she tries to wrench it from my hands so she can fling the contents out of it and throw the spoon on the floor.

I think Miss K and I are starting to face dinnertime with the same sense of dread. She's terrified I'm trying to poison her, and I'm tired of the same argument night after night, so any progress we can make is a reason for me to break out the bubbly (soft drink).

And so now I leave you readers, as CSI is about to begin, and I want to see how they kill of Catherine Willows. Until next time, please enjoy this photo of Miss K eating her sandwich.

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