Wednesday, 15 February 2012

That wasn't a slap, it was a high your face

So Miss K is sitting in her high chair happily mashing up a banana, so I figured I'd post another blog. I know I've already published one today, but that one was actually written last night, and I felt it was a bit of a cop out not actually writing something every day, so here we go.

Unfortunately, given that I have been chasing Kyra around since 9am this morning, my brain has completely turned into liquid. Not even the glass of coke and 2 bites of banana that I have around this time every day is picking me up. It probably doesn't help that today was Mother's Group day.

I have been meeting up with a small mother's group in my town since Miss K was about 2 months old. When we started, it was myself and one other mother, who had a ten month old son. I'd spend the entire time watching him crawl over all the toys set out for him and wonder when it would be my turn to have a child that mobile. These days, the mothers group is a lot fuller, and Miss K is the oldest baby there. I look at all the other, less mobile babies, and wish for the days when she was a lump of flesh, that just lay on the floor staring at the play gym hanging over her.

Don't get me wrong, I love the slight amount of independence that crawling has given Miss K, it means I don't have to carry her absolutely everywhere, but with that mobility, comes the ability to get at all the other little babies, and no matter how many times you tell a baby to be gentle, they still whack at everything like it's made of rubber. Today she smacked a sleeping 2 month old in the face, and grabbed a sleeping 3 week old baby by the arm, waking her up. The other mothers are very understanding, and I get a lot of pardons like "It's ok, he has a big brother at home" or "Awww she doesn't know what she's doing" but that doesn't make what she's doing any easier to handle.

Although today she got a taste of her own medicine when an 8 month old that she plays with a lot, because she's the only other one who can sit up on her own, grabbed a huge handful of her hair and gave it a good yank. This ended with both girls crying, Miss K from pain, and the other baby got a fright when she heard the roar coming out of my darling little angel. None of us mothers were very much help because we were all laughing too hard.

Luckily this will all be a thing of the past soon, as once Miss K is 1 she will be moved up to a playgroup, and she'll start all over again as the baby of the group. And I can go back to watching all the other older babies and wondering when my little girl will start accomplishing bigger things. Like walking.

I'll leave you now with a photo that Ady took of her at one of his most recent trips down. You look at that face and tell me how I'm meant to get cross at someone who looks so innocent. Because I have no idea.

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