Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A few positive numbers

Another afternoon has come, Miss K is sitting next to me in her high chair smearing jam everywhere so what better time to write a post than now.

Following yesterdays terrible failure to quit smoking through hypnotism, I have decided today to try a more conventional approach, so I have gone to the chemist and picked up some nicotine chewing gum. I had my last cigarette 4 hours ago, and I have been chewing through my allowed 20 pieces of gum like they were jelly lollies. Aside from the fact that my mouth burns like I am chewing on pepper whenever I have a piece of gum in my mouth, they seem to be doing the trick. I won't say that I am finding it easy to not have a cigarette in my hand, and it is tricky to not lose my temper, WHO IS MAKING THAT ANNOYING CLICKING SOUND????? Oh it's me typing. But I am determined to give this my best shot. I can't say if I'm winning or not yet, but every time it gets hard to not spit the gum out and reach for the cigarettes, I take a look at Miss K and it seems to help remind me why I'm doing this. I have actually downloaded an app for my phone that has stats for how much repair I am doing with each cigarette I don't smoke, so I'll just let you know some of the numbers, for anyone who is interested.

In the last 4 hours of not smoking, I have not smoked 5 cigarettes. I have saved $2.67 so far and saved 30 minutes of my life. My carbon monoxide levels and oxygen levels are 49.43% normal rates, my sudden death risk is lowered by 16.81%, I have regained 8.4% of my sense of taste and smell, and I have eliminated 2.4% of my dependence on nicotine. I know the numbers seem small right now, but the longer I can keep this up, the bigger they will get.

Well this is just a quick update for now, as Miss K is having a bad day too thanks to teething I think, but I will be back later on tonight once she is safely in bed to do a proper post.

Until then I'll try not to maim anyone. Wish me luck

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