Saturday, 25 February 2012

I'm melting, melting......

It is too hot to post today. I apologise if  I start rambling nonsensically, it just means that my brains have finally turned to liquid and melted out through my ears. I have just checked the local weather forecast and it is a steamy 35 degrees here at the moment. (That's 95 for people who use Fahrenheit) and neither Miss K or myself are coping very well.

I'll have to admit that I'm one of those annoying people who spend the entire winter rugged up in my woolly dressing gown complaining that it's too cold and summer must get its lazy butt here NOW!!! and then spend the entire summer complaining that it is too hot, and when is it going to cool down so I can move without leaving great big puddles of perspiration in my wake. But for all my complaining I love summer. The summer fruits, trips to the pool or beach (I've only gone to the pool once this summer, it's much safer sticking Miss K in a bath tub) days spent running through the sprinklers and long hot nights spent chasing moths and Christmas beetles around the street lamps. The only problem is summer isn't much fun when you have a baby to keep cool. Miss K tends to get rather sooky as the thermometer rises, and wants lots of cuddles and attention, but she is a walking heater, and just putting her on my lap causes my temperature to jump up by ten degrees. Luckily for us, she loves the water, so when things get too bad, I'll just run the bath and plonk her in there naked for 20 minutes to cheer her up.

But for all of my complaining about the heat today, and the irritation that it seems to bring, it has been a good weekend. My little brother came down from Melbourne last night for a sort of spontaneous visit (I mean sort of, because we were given 24 hours notice that he would be down last night) which is a rare thing down here because life in Melbourne is so busy for my lucky brother we don't see him more than once every few months. Miss K hasn't seen him since Christmas, so she had to get reacquainted with him, but once she realised he was lots of fun, she became his own personal shadow. We also got a visit from one of Miss K's cousins, so she spent hours chasing her around the lounge room, trying to keep up with her as this cousin is 3 months older and more advanced than Miss K at getting herself around.

Well since the hottest part of the day is finally over, I might strip Miss K off and stick her in the tub to help her cool down before dinner and bed. Tomorrow evening I get the night off so that I can go to a candle party at my little sister's place, so I'm sure I'll have lots to talk about tomorrow night, as candles are such a misunderstood accessory I feel.

Try to stay cool.
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