Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Here comes the holiday slideshow

Alright so in a minute I'm going to post a lesson I have learnt in the last few days about dealing with toddlers, but because it has been so long since we've spent any quality time together, I have many pictures from my time off to share with you guys. And like the long suffering friends you are, you'll sit there quietly and listen to the long monologue that goes with each photo, complete with lame jokes that I think are hilarious.

So as I discussed here, Miss K is now the proud owner of a fancy pair of glasses. The difference these glasses have made was apparent from the moment we put them on, and I think that has made her like her new accessory, as she never takes them off. The glasses have the added bonus of making her look even cuter than she did before. (I didn't even know that was possible)

My little princess poindexter

She looks so intelligent. I just want to ask her for financial advice. 

The only thing cuter than Miss K in her new glasses is Miss K in her occluder eye patch. Now I have to admit that when the optometrist told me we had to start using the eye patch every day for a month my heart sank. Not only was I worried that we were asking too much of a very little girl who had been incredibly patient to date, I also hated the fact that there was just one more thing that separated her from being just like all the other little kids I see out and about. So the first few sessions of pirate therapy were done behind closed doors when there was no one else around. I needed to spend a few days getting used to my beautiful baby with this horrible padded patch covering half of her face. Plus I figured she'd need a bit of time to adjust to this new addition to our routine. But as always she took this change in her stride and loves pirate time. I don't think it hurts that I make sure this time is something special. Sometimes we go around the back yard collecting things then make a nature collage, other times I pull out my Nintendo DS and we spend some time playing that. Of course there are the days when it is too hot, or we're both too tired, and those are the days where we just veg together in front of the telly watching half of Giggle and Hoot, yelling out the occasional ARRRRR to each other.


And my last holiday picture of this post is one of my favorites from this summer. Along with a new found love of pirates, Miss K has recently discovered the wonder of fairies, after being given a set of fairy wings to play with, and we have spent many an hour in our garden casting spells on flowers and grass while she floats around gracefully. (At least that's what I think she's trying to do, it really looks like she's walking on the moon most of the time.)

Except here she just looks like she's glaring at the photographer.

It's nice to see in between all of the pirates and the rough housing and the temper tantrums there is a little lady there too, just waiting for an opportunity to step out and feel pretty. 

So there is just a tiny cross section of what we got up to since the beginning of the year, there would be more except I kept forgetting to get my camera out so when I tell you we went for a trip to Spain, you're just going to have to take my word for it.
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