Friday, 22 March 2013

Rookie mistake

Ok so this is pretty embarrassing, I was just doing a bit of maintenance on this here little website and I discovered that the Facebook button to your right was actually installed wrong. Instead of sending you lovely readers to my public page dedicated to this website, I was actually sending a whole heap of strangers to my private profile. Oops.

Thankfully for the sake of my own privacy, I have my security settings on Facebook pretty tight, and the fact that no one contacted me to let me know, plus I had no spike in the amount of random strangers wanting to become friends with me tells me that maybe no one has been pushing that button.

Well it is fixed now, so for the love of my self esteem (which is in no way linked to how many people like my Facebook page) please click on that pretty blue button now and come send some love my way. I will give digital cupcakes to the next fifteen people who like me on Facebook. If that isn't a sign of desperation then I don't know what is. I know, how about a photo of me putting on a sad face?

Sad crazy lady is sad.

Yeah I'm gonna stop now before I humiliate myself any further. CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON!!!

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