Thursday, 21 March 2013

Instagram love

So it has taken me a long while, but I finally got myself an Instagram account. I didn't even realise they had finally made an Android version of this app until last weekend when my little sister and I were talking about it. Hopefully by the time I've posted this blog, there will be a brand new shiny button on my sidebar for you guys to follow and stickybeak at all my terrible low resolution photography.

Like this one of me staring in amazement at the wall... I don't know why, it was St Patrick's Day. If it wasn't for these photos I wouldn't even have proof that I got drunk in the first place.

Or this photo of Miss K crashing my St Patrick's day party and getting into the spirit of green. (That's lime cordial in her cup though, not green beer)

Then there is this lovely shot of me the next morning. And that is exactly how I felt at 8 o'clock in the morning too.

My favourite is this photo of our brand new computer chair. It is so comfy and it was surprisingly easy to put together. My backside sings Handel's Messiah everytime I sit down now. 

Ok that's not my photo, it's Nat's, and even though it may look like I'm struggling there, I'm not really, the wrapping was hard to get off ok? 

Well that is just a small sample of the photos I have taken since becoming one of the hipsters. I've even started playing around with the hash tags just to see how many strangers I can get to like my photos based on their labels. Except that it backfired when I used the hashtag #suitup on the first photo in this post and a fashion designer from America liked it. Now I am #mortified.

Well that's it from me, be sure to look out for the Instagram button to your right and come check out more fun. 
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