Thursday, 18 October 2012

Why I am growing grey hair

So I don't think I really have any grey hair just yet, and I'm too lazy to start looking for them, but if I was growing grey hairs, this would be why...

Yes that is a cupboard door covered in pencil markings. I have spent the last few months trying to encourage Miss K to enjoy making art, while discouraging her from making art on our furniture. Unfortunately I must have been sleeping on the job today because when I went to do the dishes this morning, I found this piece of work on my kitchen cupboard. I could not believe that she had done this, because she does know that I don't want her drawing on anything that isn't paper, but apparently she isn't scared of me because it didn't stop her.

I dragged her into the kitchen when I found it, and I made her look at it, and her reaction was absolutely priceless. She put her hands up to her mouth and pretended to look horrified when she saw it, but it wasn't enough to stop me telling her how naughty she was for drawing on my furniture. Of course by the time I found it she had long forgotten even doing it so my scolding was pretty pointless, but I felt better afterwards.

Luckily it was only pencil and not permanent marker so it should be easy enough to remove and I'll just need to be more vigilant in the future to make sure this doesn't become a regular thing.
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