Monday, 8 October 2012

Miss K learns something new

Today we interrupt your normal reading to bring you another story in pictures. For two reasons, one because the pictures that go with this story are just too cute not to share, and also because I am too lazy to sit down and actually think of intelligent things to write so the pictures will make up for my lack of words today.

So this story actually happened last Friday. To set the scene, I must explain that it was verrrry early, mum was at work so breakfast was just me and Miss K. I figured it was a perfect time to try to make her learn to feed herself properly finally. For the past I don't know how long now, I have been loading Miss K's spoon up with whatever it is we are eating, and then handing it to her. From there it makes the necessary trip into her mouth with fairly predictable results and lots of happy sounding noises. Well I was informed by our Maternal Health Nurse last week that Miss K should know how to feed herself by now, so I was obviously a terrible mother for coddling her so much. (My little sister is reading this behind my back as I type, and she assures me that indeed I am a terrible mother, but given that my nickname for her as a child was fatty-pumba-stinky-turtle-milky-headed-moo-cow I don't trust a single word she says to me.)

So on several days last week we did attempt to encourage Miss K to fully feed herself. It started when I chucked a temper tantrum at her one night and just refused flat out to feed her. There were much tears and reproachful glares from Miss K, but she eventually got hungry and attempted to feed herself. It was incredibly messy but that didn't matter, what mattered was the fact that she can indeed feed herself if she puts her mind to it. With that in mind I decided on Friday morning to try again. Of course once Miss K realized once again she would be feeding herself, the inevitable tears started very quickly.

Doesn't that face just break your heart?

But again she realized pretty quickly that I wasn't going to give in to her sad face and she decided to give in and feed herself.

She's still trying to figure out the whole how to get the spoon from the bowl to the mouth thing, (I had no idea it could be so hard) and quite often by the time the spoon does reach it's destination it is upside down and completely empty as you can tell by the splatters on the table. But she persisted.

And persisted

And she tried to do it exactly how mum does it, to the point where she scraped the spoon on the side of the bowl before each mouthful to avoid drips. (I'm not sure she knew that was why she was doing it, but that's how it's done)

After about fifteen minutes I did give in and take over, mainly because the bowl was getting too empty for her to be able to get anything on her spoon, but I was so proud of my little big girl. 

That's my happy face. And apologies for the bed hair, like I said this was first thing in the morning and as you can tell my morning routine definitely doesn't consist of brushing my hair before my first cup of coffee. 

So there you have it. That's just one more thing Miss K is mastering, and doing a wonderful if reluctant job of it too.
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