Saturday, 6 October 2012

I hate the world today*

So mum has run off with my car today leaving me stranded at home with a grumpy 1 year old, being taken care of by an even grumpier mum. I say stranded as if this is somehow a horrible position to be in, but it's 12:30 in the afternoon and I'm still in my jammies and super warm and fuzzy dressing gown, so I am more than happy to be car-less for the day.

So my title seems a bit extreme doesn't it?? Well there is a good reason this post sounds negative today, and that is because the world is full of horrible and nasty people and that is another reason I have holed myself up in the house today. If we had a bomb shelter I'm sure I'd be sitting in it polishing my grenade collection right now. (Assuming we had a grenade collection in the bomb shelter.)

So last night I went to an old friend's house to drink bourbon (just the one, I'm a responsible person OK?) and watch crappy television. This friend is actually also an ex boyfriend, and the last of my ex boyfriends that I talk to (apart from Miss K's dad but he doesn't count.) So by the time I finished my drink and decided to head home it was 11:30 at night, meaning that the roads would be very empty and if anything went wrong, I'd be all alone which is an incredibly unappealing prospect for a young woman. Well luckily for me the gods seemed to be smiling down on me almost all the way home, then they must have gotten distracted by something shiny because I came upon a group of around 30 young males wandering along the road looking to make trouble. I patiently waited for all of them to cross the road so that I could continue driving, unfortunately for me they managed to see an invisible "pick on me" sign that seems to follow me everywhere. Luckily for me the worst they did was scream into my open window and run at the car, but that was still terrifying enough given I had no idea what they were capable of doing. Needless to say I planted my foot on my go pedal (it's the one on the right.) and hot footed it out of there as fast as I could. I was still shaking when I finally got home.

The stupid thing is those idiots probably thought they were being hilarious, and they would have laughed about it all the way to wherever it is they were going. And they probably wouldn't have done anything other than cause general nuisance to me, but how in the hell am I supposed to know that?? I'm a young woman on my own in the middle of the night with a group of young and probably drunk kids surrounding my car. And when it comes to the fight or flight response, my first instinct is always flight.

Well as if that wasn't enough contact with jerks to last a person at least 24 hours, we got a call this morning from my younger brother telling us that his car was stolen last night. Now this is the second time he has had a car removed from his yard, the first time was several  years ago, and the hooligans first filled it up with petrol, then pushed it off a small cliff into a local lake. Luckily for us they were stupid enough to run away from the petrol station without paying for the petrol, so they earned themselves plenty of attention from the police, and they also allowed their faces to be seen on the security cameras at the petrol station before they ran off, so they were caught very quickly and taken to court. Now this time, the thieves weren't stupid enough to fill the car up before their joy ride, but that only meant that their joy ride only lasted a very short while, because my little brother hadn't filled his petrol tank in a while and it was running on fumes. They also didn't bother destroying the car this time, so apart from a smashed in window the rest of the machine is still working.

I am so tired of feeling like my family is the last of the non-jerks in the world. We really do seem to be an endangered species in this current climate of increasing violence and yucky stuff. (I'd come up with more examples but that requires too much thinking about bad things and I just can't be bothered today.) So you'll understand if I say the world can go get buggered today.

Well mum has actually just returned from her retail therapy, and she has bough supplies to make us both feel better, so I now have yummy and very fattening chocolate desserts to eat, a new crafty project to attempt and Miss K has a new toy to play with so if you excuse me, I'm heading into my happy place.

Stay awesome dear readers and I hope my good mood can return soon so I can resume my normal wonderful blog.

*Of course that world doesn't include my wonderful audience, you people are great, and in fact the only thing that could make you greater is if you could drop me a comment and tell me things. Anything really, I just want to meet my readers finally.
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