Monday, 22 October 2012

Dear diary the piggy bank edition

Hello again my lovely readers, I am back again. I know I keep disappearing off the radar for too long at a time, but this time I had a really good reason. Or my big sister did anyway and I just went out in sympathy.

So this week was pretty boring until Friday night. Mum and I were sitting quietly in our lounge room watching telly when we got a call from my big sister saying that my nephew had swallowed a coin and it was now stuck in his throat. Well mum and my baby sister rushed to their house to help in any way they could, and came back with my niece while my sister and her husband rushed my nephew to the after hours medical centre. From here they were directed to the emergency ward at the hospital, and from there after a restless night they were sent to a hospital in Melbourne so my nephew could have surgery to have the coin removed. All three of them returned yesterday afternoon looking very exhausted. My nephew got to keep the coin once they removed it (in a specimen jar of course because after 2 days in his throat it's pretty yuck) and he has x-ray pictures of his throat complete with coin as a memento of his adventure. He has also gained the nickname piggy bank for his newly discovered way of storing coins.

Everyone has of course been pretty stressed and on edge around here lately as we all sat around in mum's lounge room waiting for another phone call updating us on his progress, and poor Miss K was pretty stressed by last night. Of course that didn't stop her from creating some new art work for me to clean up. While putting her to bed last night I found two new drawings in our kitchen. One on the pantry door and the other on the lino. Mum later found a third drawing in a plastic bowl. So Miss K has cleverly discovered that while I have said time and time again that I don't want her drawing on the furniture in the lounge room, I never said anything about the kitchen. Plus she is allowed to wander through the kitchen whenever she wants as long as she stays away from the rubbish bin and the stove so the whole room is just a blank canvas waiting for her to come and decorate it. I am now trying to figure out how to find all the pencils and crayons in the house that she has stashed in her various hiding places and keep them in the lounge room where I can watch her like a hawk.

Of course the big thing that comes with Miss K getting stressed is the massive temper tantrums, which only serve to remind me that the terrible twos are well and truly on their way. To be followed shortly after by the terrible threes which I have it on good authority are much worse. My patience is being tested already on a daily basis so I could just cry every time I remember I have another two and a half years of this sort of behavior to get through still.Luckily for me Miss K's mood switches on a dime right now so usually a tantrum never lasts for more than a minute then my sweet baby girl comes back.

Well that's it for another week I guess, I'm off to go dance with Miss K. Stay awesome my lovely readers and I'll be back on Wednesday with the final update for my current 30 day cleaning challenge.
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