Monday, 1 October 2012

30 day challenge update

It's that time of the week again, start the marching band and everyone join in the parade!!! Or I could just put the banner up and get on with it... Yeah lets just go with that.

Yes I am back with another update on my 30 days to become tidier. Now for all of you who need a reminder, my jobs for this week were:

  • Take all of your clothes out of their drawers and cupboards and sort them into piles to be thrown in the bin, donated to the second hand store or kept. Only put away the clothes in the keep pile
  • Empty the freezer and throw out food that you no longer want
  • Wipe down every appliance in the house
  • Pick one room, wash all windows
  • Clean the hallway completely
  • Find another cupboard full of junk and empty it out
  • Pick a room and wash all the walls from floor to ceiling
So this week was slightly successful, but still not a complete total crack open a bottle of champagne and celebrate because you are just that awesome success. Because there was so much that ended up being missed, it would be quicker to tell you what did get done. So the freezer got emptied out of all old food, leaving lots of room for my supply of coffee flavoured ice cream. I also got into the wardrobe in mum's room and cleaned out the floor space there, leaving everything neat and tidy. I know I was meant to clean a whole cupboard out, but given that the floor alone took a whole afternoon I am happy to count that as an entire task and leave the shelf space for another week. On the plus side, during my travels into the wardrobe I managed to hunt down all of our Christmas decorations, so given there are only 84 days left until Christmas, we are more prepared than we were this time last year.

And that is all that I accomplished on my list this week. Given that it has rained for 4 of the 7 days this week it was too wet to slosh water around again, and the rest of the jobs kind of got forgotten between visiting family and re-reading the Hunger Games series for the third time in a row. (Seriously, how good are those books?)

But I will persevere because despite appearances things are slowly getting done around here so I'm still hoping to actually have a happy ending to this month. With that in mind, here are this weeks jobs to attempt.

  • Tackle my craft area, throw out anything I don’t think I’ll ever use and organise everything else into tubs and folders
  • Clean the stove and oven
  • Empty the bathroom cupboard and dispose of almost empty or expired products
  • Empty the laundry room out and sweep and mop. Return everything to the room neatly
  • Empty out the computer desk drawers and throw out old cables and other junk. Return necessary cables in a neat fashion
  • Reorganise Miss K’s toys, throw out any toys that she has outgrown or doesn’t play with
  • Pick a room and wash all walls from floor to ceiling
So as you can see the jobs are getting tougher, which means that my will to clean will probably shrink even further this week. But I will try my absolute hardest to get something done this week, but probably not today, because I have just discovered a new flavour of Tim Tams, and I must take them over to my big sister's place to try them out.

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