Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dear diary the more hospitals edition

So I know it's not Sunday, and that it's been almost a full week since I last blogged, but things have been pretty hectic the last week so again you guys have been neglected which I apologise for.

So you can probably tell from the title that we had more hospital drama going on at our place than an episode of ER. Well apparently my big sister didn't get enough of hospitals the other weekend when she had to take my nephew to hospital after he swallowed a coin, because this weekend she ended up there herself with pneumonia. Now this second visit in two weeks isn't as much fun to blog about as my nephew's visit as it doesn't come with a catchy nickname. (Mainly because pus lungs isn't as cute as piggy bank, and is in fact both incredibly disgusting and very mean to my big sister.) Luckily at the time of writing this my big sister has been discharged from the hospital for a whole day now and is back at home in her comfortable bed recuperating.

Sadly I wasn't able to visit my sister while she was in the hospital, and I still haven't been able to go visit her even at home because the day after she was admitted into hospital Miss K came down with some mystery illness that sent us rushing to the after hours medical centre when her fever hit 38.3 (100.94 farenheit for all of my yankee friends). Now apart from her high fever and general fussiness there were no specific symptoms to speak of so the doctors all had to shrug their shoulders and admit they had no idea what was wrong. Well two days and many fever spikes later we took her back to the doctors just to be told that despite several other symptoms appearing, including a concerning lack of balance when she tried to walk, that they still had no idea what exactly was wrong with her and all I could do was keep giving her paracetamol and wait it out. Luckily today she seems much better and her temperature has gotten back down to normal levels so (touch wood) she's all better.

Ben and Tristan are down visiting at the moment adding to the general feeling of pandemonium around here, but Tristan bought brownies with him so I've forgiven them. They also bought a heap of very noisy and creepy dolls for Miss K called Sing-a-ma-jigs so the house has been filled with slightly off key and eerie singing for two days now. But the brownies were delicious so I've forgiven them for that too.

On top of everything else happening I am madly trying to get ready for exams which happen in less than a month now. I am almost completed half of the work required to be ready for the exam, but trying to find time and energy to study has gotten harder and harder lately so I've had to take a few days off to focus on Miss K. But now that she's feeling better I'll be back with my nose against the grind stone for the next few weeks.

Well that's all I can think of for now, my thoughts for any of you readers who are in New York, or have family and friends there as they now begin the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

Until next time, stay awesome my wonderful readers, and I will try to be back in less than a week.
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