Monday, 4 June 2012

Dear diary (a little late)

So I know I was meant to write a diary based entry yesterday, but I got back from Melbourne at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and both Miss K and I went to bed till dinner time. Then we got up for dinner and were both back in bed ridiculously early. So I really didn't have the time or energy to blog inbetween naps.

Why was I in Melbourne you may very well ask if you are the curious type, and in answer to your question, I tell you to be patient because I'll get to that in a minute. I'll start at the beginning of the week by letting you know not much really happened. I decided this week to flex my culinary muscle this week and cooked a lovely meal of crumbed chicken with vegetables and a beautiful mushroom sauce. Then on Wednesday I made a lovely roast capsicum and tomato soup. I don't cook fancy things like this often, but when I do I like to take my time, which is why I usually start cooking an hour or so before I want to serve dinner. I don't cope well with rushing my food, and as I discovered on Wednesday, that's when I make mistakes. I tried to thicken my soup up with flour without dissolving the flour in water, and ended up with giant lumps of flour in my soup. Luckily I was able to pick most of them out as I hate flour lumps, they remind me of dumplings. Yuck!

As you are all aware I'm sure, Wednesday was my birthday, and it was a lovely day. I was woken up nice and early by my little sister dropping a tin can on the floor on her way to the recycling bin, which is always an effective alarm clock. Much better than Miss K for sure. I spent the day with various family members who popped in for visits, and I felt very much loved by my family and close friends. On Saturday mum, Miss K and I made our way to Melbourne by train to help my uncle celebrate his birthday (his actual birthday is the day before mine which is the only way I remember it). The trip up was fairly uneventful, Miss K was a bit uncertain of the train at first, but once she realised that nothing bad was going to happen she had a great time. It is however very hard to keep a 1 year old entertained for two and a half hours in a tiny moving room that she is not allowed to crawl around in, so I spent a lot of time trying to distract her so she would forget she hadn't gone exploring for several hours. The party was a lot of fun, and there were so many people there, I began to worry that the house would burst at the seams. It was wonderful to see so many people come together to celebrate my uncle's special day. Yesterday we retraced our steps to get home again, and thanks to a very late night (the last guests didn't leave until after midnight then I helped clean up) and a long trip home that Miss K was slightly less tolerant of, we all piled into bed as soon as we got home for a well deserved nap.

Miss K has been in fine form this week as usual. She is talking almost non stop nowadays, and she even coped beautifully with the crowds of strangers at my uncle's place on Saturday night. She has been teething almost non stop for 2 weeks now, but in that time she has managed to pop out 3 teeth, and is working on her eighth one at the moment. We're still trying to stop her from begging people for food, but she is slowly getting the hint that just because others are eating in front of her doesn't mean she will get food. It has also been almost a week since she has pinched me during a temper tantrum, so I think we've got that habit nipped in the bud for now.

Well it is time for me to curl up in front of the telly and watch some trash before heading off to bed. I'll be back again soon I'm sure, but until then, stay awesome.

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