Monday, 25 June 2012

Dear diary (on time for once)

It is officially my favourite part of the day. Mum and Miss K are tucked up in bed and I have the whole house to myself. I'm out of my horrible tight pants and in my nice comfy polka dotted pyjama pants and there is no noise except for the heater which is keeping me nice and warm. (Too warm actually. First world problems) I'm also writing this diary post on the day it's supposed to be written so that's a win for me.

The last time we met, I was complaining about technology and the ways in which it was ruining my life. Well I'm pleased to report that I'm able to log back into my TAFE website (turns out the problem was my out of date software which was easily fixed) and I have almost completely caught up with all of the other students. I have one final assignment to complete then I can focus totally on the current unit. Not bad considering I have just done 6 months worth of study in under a month. I've submitted a heap of assignments to my teacher, but I have to wait until after the term break to get any results back so there's nothing more to be done there.

I've had a bit of a health scare this week unfortunately, I keep getting these violent heart palpitations which I'm pretty sure can be traced back to my smoking, so I'll be making an appointment with the doctor this week to get things checked out, and hopefully get some professional help to quit smoking once and for all. Once upon a time I would have shrugged the palpitations off, but given that I live in a heart smart house now, I am not allowed to sweep these things under the rug and hope for the best any more.

Miss K is a handful as usual. She has discovered that she can scream and growl this week, so every temper tantrum she throws now days is scattered with intermittent deep growls and shrill shrieks depending on how pissed off she is. It's hard not to laugh at her when she's making these weird noises, but as usual I have to pretend I don't think everything she does is absolutely adorable so that she doesn't turn into an uncontrollable brat. We've actually had a few run ins this week as she is starting to really assert herself, and when she knows what she wants and doesn't get it, all hell breaks loose. But for the most part she is her usual bright and cheerful self, getting into everything and wreaking havoc at any chance she gets.

And I'm afraid that's about as exciting as it gets around here at the moment. Between studying and taking care of Miss K I don't really have time to get myself in trouble any more. One more week and then I'm on semester break, which isn't as exciting when you study via correspondence but at least there won't be any online classes for two weeks. I'll be back soon I'm sure, but in the meantime stay awesome.
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