Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dear diary...

So I've decided to make my Sunday post a catch up of everything that has been happening during the week. That way I can keep doing my normal rants during the week and still keep my lovely readers posted about my beautiful daughter on one day per week. Also hopefully if I leave a week between each of these posts it might be enough time to gather up enough interesting stories to fill an entire post.

As I write this my mum and my little sister are having a disagreement about her 21st birthday party next April, and Miss K is playing with a stuffed Pumba doll on our coffee table. So that's all that's happened today so far. We actually had a few sleepovers at the house this week, my niece and nephew came over for the night on Thursday night, as both of them have this nasty cold that Miss K and I got the other week, and our house is warmer than theirs during the night, so mum thought it would be a good idea for them to give their lungs a rest during one of the coldest night we've had in a long time. This was a lot of fun, and because they were staying in the lounge, which is where we watch telly, they didn't get to sleep until after 10:00. My other little sister (the one not turning 21 next year) stayed over on Friday night as it was raining too heavily for me to drive her home after tea so she got stranded here till yesterday afternoon. My little brother also came down from Melbourne last weekend, which was odd because he'd already been down a fortnight before, but we got to spend a day with him and his partner which was nice.

Miss K has been gorgeous as always, growing and developing every day. The biggest thing for her this week is that she finally understands putting things into boxes and I can finally get her to help me clean up her toys at the end of the day. She loses interest after a short while which is to be expected given she's still only one, but I make sure she gets lots of praise any time she puts things away and hopefully soon she can help keep this place clean. I mentioned earlier in the week that she was going for her 12 month immunisations, and like every time we go there we were warned to keep an eye out for any symptoms for a day or so, this time more than ever because this immunisation contained live cultures of something, but she has pushed through the yucky feelings admirably with only a few complaints about feeling miserable, and she is always good about taking her paracetamol. She talks all the time and is so full of fun and adventure, it is a delight to watch her as she goes about her day.

As for me, I went to my local TAFE on Friday hoping to finally get enrolled into my bookkeeping course only to discover the woman I needed to speak to WASN'T @#%$# THERE!!!! But the receptionist was kind enough to take my enrolment form anyway and assured me she would make sure I was called on Monday so I can finally get everything taken care of. I got the fright of my life while driving up the freeway that day however, it was raining pretty heavy and the roads were very wet and my bloody car hydroplaned. It gave both me and the little sister who was riding with me quite a scare and I drove with my hands tightly gripping the steering wheel the rest of the way. I also sat at 10km under the speed limit the entire way. I have also finished reading another book on my list to read before I die which now brings my total up to 15. I have started reading Jane Eyre and so far the mood of the book is pretty blue so I'm not sure how far I can get before it becomes too miserable and I have to give up.

Well I've officially wasted enough time on the computer for one morning, I need to go shopping and clean up my lounge room so I feel like I've done something productive today. Now you are all caught up on my life wonderful readers I hope you all have a good day and I'll be back with my normal rants next week.

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