Friday, 11 May 2012

Pet peeves and mild annoyances

I originally started writing this post at about 3:00 in the afternoon, thinking it would just be a quick list and I had plenty of time to write it out before having to go out for coffee. It turns out there is a lot more out there that annoys me than I thought which is why it has taken me four and a half hours to actually get this list finished. Below you will find a small list of my pet peeves. These are the things that make me grind my teeth on a regular basis, but aren't bad enough to send me on a rant to the person who actually pissed me off, as that takes more energy and bravery than I have. So please sit back and enjoy my wonderful pet peeves.

  1. People who blow their noses in cafes and then put the dirty napkin on their plate (makes me gag every time)
  2. Door to door salespeople (If I wanted your product, I would have purchased it already and saved you the trip)
  3. Skinny people who say they are fat (Not sure if you are blind or just fishing for compliments, but please do it elsewhere)
  4. Television commercials that are overly condescending
  5. Medicine makers for not inventing a baby safe cough syrup
  6. Baby knee pads
  7. My little sister sneaking in to my bedroom at 7am to borrow my hair straightener (It doesn't wake me up, I usually only figure out what has happened when I wake up and find my drawers all open)
  8. Baby "experts"
  9. Doctors who ignore your concerns because you are a first time mum
  10. Rude cashiers
  11. Taxi drivers who have no idea where you're going (this is especially frustrating if you live in a tiny town like mine as it's not that hard to master the streets here)
  12. People who say they are going to email you and don't (I'm just as guilty of this one, but I usually only do it to my friends and not in business transactions)
  13. People who eat rice crackers in public (if you're not eating these, they seriously smell bad)
  14. People who are constantly late (my time management skills leave a lot to be desired but if I don't think I can get somewhere fast, I usually organise the starting time so I have lots of wiggle room)
  15. Debt collectors (they get my verbal wrath any time they try to drain more money out of me)
  16. Chauvinists (I don't even have the energy to tell them to stick their male appendages where the sun doesn't shine, it's not worth my time and they won't listen to me anyway)
  17. The women's clothing department at K Mart (if it isn't completely hideous then it won't come in my size)
  18. Terrible drivers 
  19. Anti smokers who feel the need to tell you that the cigarette you are smoking is going to kill you (I'm sceptical about that because the last 3000 I smoked did nothing at all except stop me from punching opinionated dicks who feel I give a crap about their opinions)
  20. Sports shows that take TV slots that used to be filled with shows I love (Damn you Thursday night football, I want to know what happens on CSI NY)
  21. People who think it is perfectly acceptable to spend $3000 on a hand bag (Especially since most of the time I can barely spare $20 for a new pair of sneakers)
Well that's enough for now, even though it doesn't even scratch the surface of every thing that makes me sigh in frustration before going back to my coffee in silence. Maybe one day when I have another couple of hours to spare I might finish the list but right now I have a mushroom pizza waiting for me. Feel free to comment, let me know what your pet peeves are.
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