Monday, 8 April 2013

Accentuate the positive or a list of love

Hello again my awesome readers, I have decided today to take a break from the complaining, the constant nit-picking and the general bad mood that this blog can pick up on rare occasions to bring you guys a little bit of schmaltz.

No this isn't it...

So today is actually the 2 year anniversary of the day both my mother and daughter tried to die on me. So first I have to wish my mum a happy birthday, as this is her second anniversary as a zombie.


What's that you say? None of this is schmaltzy in the least?? Alright, I'll get to the point. While the 7th of April is a hard day for my whole family to get through, it serves as a huge reminder of exactly what we had to go through 2 years ago just to keep my little girl alive. And it also reminds me to stop sweating the petty stuff and remember exactly how much I love my daughter, even when she is making me pull my hair out in frustration. So today I am giving you guys a list of just some of the reasons why I love my little girl.

  1. She loves to make people laugh. It gets her out of trouble most of the time if she can do something silly right when mum or I start lecturing her or telling her off. It is very hard to yell at Miss K when she is making you laugh.
  2. She loves to dance. She cannot hear music without busting out some of her own special moves, including the sprinkler, thanks to my baby sister who thought it was a good idea to teach her how to disco dance.
  3. She takes pleasure in the smallest of things, like a light bulb. Or an empty nappy box. I'm serious about that last one too, our current empty nappy box is on day three of play and doesn't look to be losing its appeal any time soon.
  4. She makes everyone feel special, from her whole family to the strange lady whose hand she randomly shook in the middle of the chemist once, everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her, just because she makes you feel so important for the short amount of time which you can hold her attention for.
  5. She looks so peaceful when she's asleep. It is so easy to forget that several hours ago I was ready to throw myself out the closest window because she wouldn't eat her boiled carrots, because when she's tucked up in bed, she looks so innocent.
  6. She is the most ticklish person I have ever met. There is barely a spot on her body that won't cause her to collapse into giggles if poked just right. This makes for a lot of fun when we play together.
  7. She hates to see me cry. This doesn't happen often, but over Easter when we were in Melbourne, I was so tired and frustrated and it was 5am in the morning so I couldn't help but break down in front of her. She was so worried she came right up to me and grabbed my hand and used it to wipe away my tears. (No use getting her own hands wet right?)
  8. She loves to be one of the big people. On the rare occasions that she wakes up in the middle of the night, nothing makes her happier than to be allowed to sit between mum and I on the couch for a conversation.
  9. She tells the best stories. Of course I usually can't understand more than a few words of her garbled speech, but she becomes so animated when she's telling you something, you can't help but get swept up in the conversation, even if it makes no sense.
  10. She loves to play pretend. Quite often if she feels that I have been spending too much time on the computer, she will crawl over to me barking like a dog, and I have to stop and give her a pat. She also loves it when we run around the lounge room pretending to be different jungle animals.
  11. She is very musical. Her current list of instruments includes a guitar, a ukulele  two recorders, two sets of maracas, an accordion, a triangle, two tambourines, a drum kit and a keyboard. I'm thinking of hiring her out for parties as a one man band.
  12. She loves making me happy. Sometimes it is as simple as putting her chair away after a meal without being told, but you can tell she feels so proud when she has done something that makes me happy.
  13. There are times, usually if she gets hurt, or sick, that she doesn't want to know anyone else but me. To know that you are the most important person in someone's life always makes you feel special.
  14. Her smile has the ability to cheer up even the worst of moods, making her a magnet for every family member who is having a bad day. And she always manages to cure their blues.
  15. Without Miss K, I wouldn't have the title mum. Or the wrinkles that come with this job. Or the millions of memories that we have created together. Or the free hugs that come with being a parent. Or the pride. 
So there you have it. A small list of why I love my baby. I really could go on like this forever, but then I'd give you all diabetes, so I'll stop there for now. I'm off to get some sleep, right after I go look at Miss K in her cot one more time for the night. 

I'll be back again soon, but until then stay awesome, and I know a lot of you readers are parents too, so feel free to join in below and tell me some of the reasons why you love your kids. Lets see if you can add some more sweetness.

One of those moments when only mum would do.

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