Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Life Hacks Episode 1

Welcome back my fellow nutters, and please welcome the newest change to this blog. I have felt for a little while that my blog was starting to wander aimlessly through the wilderness that is blogging for fun and profit. The longer I do this, the more I realise I really am a teeny tiny fish in a massive pond. I am part of the audience to some of the most talented and brilliant writers the internet could possibly offer, and then there's this blog, which sometimes feels like the internet's version of that special child who sits in the corner of the yard stuffing berries up his nose.

I think my biggest problem is my title. It somehow implies that I am looking for ways to make myself sane again, so why am I not sharing them with you guys?? So today is the first episode in another new series called Life Hacks 101. And like all poorly thought out and quickly implemented ideas, it even comes with its own banner.

For anyone who doesn't know what a life hack is, it's basically just a short cut to doing something quicker, easier and in most cases cheaper than what was once done. Once upon a time this segment would have just been called life shortcuts 101, but these days unless you make something sound really technological, people just don't seem to be interested.

In this series I will teach you about a heap of shortcuts I have discovered over the years that make my life just that tiny bit easier. Some of these may already be common knowledge to a lot of you. But there is always someone somewhere who doesn't know everything that you do, so this segment is really for you. 

So todays life hack is a source of much frustration in my life, broken zip handles. For some reason whoever invented zippers forgot to ensure that the zip handle never fell off. Either that or I am super rough on my zips. If you were still able to open and close a zip without that little tab there this would not be a problem, but a lot of the times the loss of this tiny little flap of plastic or metal means the end of that zipper. Luckily for me this one is super easy to fix with the aid of something we all have plenty of in the house. Keychains. 

That's right, all you need to do is insert a keychain into the hole that the zipper tab has left behind and your zip has a new lease of life. Just make sure it isn't a keychain that you actually use or you'll have a bit of explaining to do about the new accessory now dangling from your car's ignition. In my case the new accessory is actually a couch cover.

At least I can now say I was using upholstery as a key accessory before it was cool.

As you can see from the dark stains on this couch cover, it needed to be removed, as I can't fit an entire couch in the washing machine. But thanks to my trusty old life hack, I was able to remove the cover with a minimum of swearing and scissors, and the couch now looks brand new again.

Well that's me done for the evening, Miss K is demanding I entertain her, so I'm off to go watch her jump around the play room like a loon. Stay awesome everyone.

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