Monday, 26 March 2012

In the blink of an eye

Ok so I know I've been really slack lately and my last post was almost a month ago, but time flies when you're planning a birthday party. That's right, Miss K has finally hit the 1 year mark as of Saturday. I have no idea how this past year has gone so quickly, but the closer we got to the big day, the faster the days seemed to sped by. Now she has been 1 for a whole two days, and time doesn't seem to be slowing down at all.

We had a special Elmo themed party for Miss K on Saturday, and managed to squeeze 15 of my friends and family into my lounge room for the occasion. The party went really well and Miss K had a wonderful time. I relaxed my food rules for the day so that she could enjoy the party food, and enjoy it she did. She got to eat fairy bread and sausage rolls and chocolate and lemonade, all of which she rarely sees, if at all. She got lots of presents and attention and she relished her moment in the spotlight. She even managed to last for the entire party without needing a nap, obviously not wanting to miss a moment of the action. It was a wonderful day, and worth the weeks of preparation it needed to go off without a hitch. She especially loved her cake, which had Elmo sitting on top of it holding a number 1.

The cake making was an adventure in itself, and further proof, if ever any was needed that I should not be allowed into a kitchen except to make coffee. The cake took 2 days to make, with thanks to my wonderful big sister, who helped me to build and decorate it, and my wonderful little sister who watched the children so that we could focus entirely on the cake for a day. The end result looked fantastic, and there will be photos uploaded as soon as I get them off my big sister who took all the photos which I forgot to do. The kitchen looked like a scene from a B grade horror movie at one stage after a whole bottle of red food dye got spilt, and I managed to throw an entire ball of coloured icing into a sink of dirty dishwater while kneading it (only I would be so clumsy) but the hours of uncertainty and stress paid off at the end of the day as you will soon see.

So my baby girl is now a big 1 year old, and she seems to be growing and changing so quickly. It seems every time I turn around she has learned something new. A lot of the things that have stressed me out over the past 12 months now seem to be insignificant and totally unworthy of having spent so much time worrying over, but I guess that is the job of a new mum, and all I can say is thank heavens it's all behind me.

Now it's time for my play date with Miss K, so I'm off to stop her biting on the balloons left over from the party.

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