Tuesday, 27 March 2012

60 things in 30 minutes

So I had a very exhausting and draining morning this morning and am completely lacking any kind of inspiration for a new post this afternoon, so I have decided to try something I have seen done by other bloggers, which looks like a good way to write a blog when I have total brain freeze. I am about to attempt to write 60 things about myself in the tiny amount of time of 30 minutes. I'm just glad I have fast typing fingers. So the time is now 4:15 pm, let's see how I go

  1. I am 27 years old (nice easy one to begin with)
  2. I have 5 brothers and sisters and 5 half brothers and sisters
  3. I have one half sister that I have never met
  4. I am a Gemini
  5. My best friend is my big sister
  6. I have never had an argument with my mother
  7. I love to scrapbook and make greeting cards
  8. I had epilepsy as a child, but I grew out of it as a teenager
  9. I was part of a medical study through the Royal Children's Hospital as a child so they could learn more about the type of Epilepsy I had. 
  10. I like to think that I helped create a greater understanding of this disease (is that too vain?)
  11. I love to knit and crochet
  12. I suffer from depression, which means I have to be careful not to let life get too stressful
  13. I have a beautiful daughter, who is the centre of my whole world
  14. I have a filthy sense of humour which always gets me into trouble with my parents (shouldn't that stop once you're in your twenties?)
  15. I used to want to be an actress, a nurse or a writer. I have become none of these things
  16. 18 months is the longest I've ever managed to stay in a job before I get bored and quit
  17. I am related on my mother's side to the Napoleon's personal physician at St Helena 
  18. I love to read
  19. My nickname in high school was floor girl because I was always the last person on the school bus and quite often had to ride on the floor (my brother in law is the only one who still calls me this)
  20. I learned how to kiss when I was 6 years old 
  21. I have a lazy eye
  22. I have never done drugs of any kind (as long as you don't count cigarettes, alcohol or caffeine)
  23. I hate maths
  24. Despite this hate of maths I want to become a bookkeeper
  25. The most daring thing I have ever done is abseiled down a 20 metre cliff face in pitch darkness at 9 o'clock at night (don't worry, I was with a professional)
  26. I have an incurable sweet tooth (my thighs hate me for this)
  27. I have only ever been on a diet once and it lasted 4 days
  28. I used to do ballroom dancing in my early twenties and came second twice in competitions
  29. I have broken two bones in my body during my life. One wrist bone, and a green stick fracture in my foot
  30. I broke my foot falling over an invisible crack in the pavement
  31. As you can probably guess, I'm incredibly clumsy
  32. I love to read, and can sometimes read an entire novel in a night (it just means I don't sleep)
  33. I have a paralysing fear of fire and drowning
  34. I also hate spiders
  35. I love making people laugh (a gift my daughter seems to have inherited from me)
  36. I hate early mornings
  37. I collect music boxes
  38. I was born in Horsham in Northern Victoria and spent the first four years of my life living in farm houses (but we didn't run any farms)
  39. I hate seeing people cry and have to fight the urge to cry myself whenever I see it
  40. I swear like a fisherman
  41. I was raised as a Christadelphian
  42. Thanks to my strict religious upbringing, I believe in God, but not in organised religion
  43. I love to sing and used to sing with the school choir in high school
  44. I can't handle large crowds, and hate going to the city because of this
  45. I used to present a radio program on a tiny community radio station during school holidays
  46. I am allergic to animal fur (which means Miss K cannot have a pet when she grows older unless it's a rock)
  47. I am incredibly proud of my Irish ancestry, and got a tattoo of a drunk leprechaun on my arm to celebrate this
  48. I have 3 other tattoos besides my leprechaun
  49. I can play the piano and the guitar (neither with any great skill)
  50. I have terrible eyesight which requires glasses but I never wear them
  51. None of my grandparents are alive
  52. I used to be terrified of the internet when it first became available (I used to think if I pushed a wrong button, I would blow up china)
  53. I used to think that Mr Sheen (the furniture polish logo, not the actor) would come out of my speakers and attack me when I listened to the song Ugly Duckling from the Hans Christian Anderson movie (I was 3 at the time, give me a break)
  54. I would rather sleep in for ten more minutes than walk out the door with a face full of make up and my hair done pretty
  55. Despite this lack of interest in personal grooming, I used to want to be a beauty therapist
  56. I am a huge slob
  57. I love photography, but lack the patience to be any good at it
  58. I have dropped 2 dress sizes since giving birth to Miss K, but none of this was pregnancy weight
  59. I gave birth to Miss K without the assistance of any medications (a fact of which I'm quite proud because it wasn't easy and was quite painful in fact)
  60. I am watching a children's program as I type this despite the fact that I am currently alone, as Miss K is more interested in yelling in the hallway
There you go 4:45pm and I have completed 60 things about me, despite having to get up every 5 minutes to rescue something else from Miss K's grasp. So now you know 60 completely useless facts about me, my day is complete. Now to go and actually do some work.
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