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March Use Your Words - Letters to the Past

Hello everyone and welcome back.  You've made it just in time for Use Your Words 

baking in a tornado
For anyone who is unfamiliar with this series, the rules are simple. A group of bloggers get together and submit a group of random words that must be used in a blog post. In return you are given someone else's words, and you must in turn spin them into something beautiful, or at the very least coherent. I've been given the following words

bland ~ copy ~ I've lost it ~ sordid ~ magnetic ~ furthermore
and they were submitted by Jenniy at Climaxed 

Now receiving words from this particular lady is incredibly daunting, because Jenniy is a true yarn spinner, so I can only hope I do them justice. If you keep reading after my post, I'll include links to every other blogger participating today, so you can just follow the links and see more amazing writing. What more could you guys need??

This is a letter to my 15 year old self. 

Dear young Erin,

Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders and stop frowning. I know you are proud of the fact that you don't get wrinkles on your forehead whenever you scowl, but once you hit 30 that changes almost instantly. I'm here today to tell you a few secrets. I'm hoping that by giving you a heads up about some of the things you can expect over the next fifteen years I'll save us both some heartache. 

First of all, you will survive high school. I know you think that you're not going to survive the next year and a half, but you will. So read all your books, copy down everything you think matters, and just keep pushing through. The minute you walk away from that place you are allowed to forget absolutely every useless piece of information they have just spent the past six years pumping into you, so just relax, grit your teeth and play the game. It serves a purpose.

Secondly, I know right now you're madly in love with Brad, and you think this is meant to be, but you will not marry him. One day you are going to start living separate lives, and the relationship just won't survive. But don't worry, you won't regret your decision for very long. And then one day, twelve years after you two split up you'll Facebook stalk him, (don't worry about what Facebook is, just trust that it will happen and it will waste more time than anything else you've ever seen), and discover he has turned into a bland middle aged man who still plays role playing games like dungeons and dragons, and you'll realise you really did make the right decision when you left him. If it makes you feel any better, he and his new wife agree with you.

You will fall in love again. In fact you'll go on to do it several times. You'll fall madly in love with people who won't love you back, and you'll be loved by people you're just not that keen on. You'll find a man who you just can't quite quit, no matter how many times you try, but you won't marry him either. But you two will have a lot of fun. I'll spare you the sordid details right now because you're still a virgin, but trust me, it will be amazing. It will also be where you discover your love of guitar players.

You will be loved by most people you know in fact. Of course you can't please everyone, and you will learn that very late in life, but for the most part you will make very few enemies. You seem to have a magnetic personality, so people are drawn to you. You've got something to offer nearly everyone, whether it be the clown that picks them up when they are down, or the wisdom they need when they can't see the forest for the trees, so people will want to know you, and they'll want you to like them. This will feel weird when you first realise it, but just go with the flow. People are generally good, so just trust your instincts and be a nice person. But you are going to have to learn to stop letting people walk all over you. The world isn't going to end if you tell people you're not happy with them.

You are going to go crazy. Several times in fact. You will scream in your head "I've lost it" so many times and you will truly believe it every time. One day you're even going to have to hold onto a pole for grim life to stop yourself from jumping into oncoming traffic, simply because there is a little voice in your head urging you to do it. You're not schizophrenic, you'll just need help. When the time comes, ask for it before you do something stupid. You'll save yourself and your whole family a whole lotta hurt by doing this. And know that your salvation comes in the cutest package ever.

I know you don't want children now, you're too interested in travelling and you secretly think you'll be the worst mum in the world, but that will change one day. You'll meet your new niece and then your biological clock will start ticking like crazy. Then you're going to desperately want a baby of your own. Furthermore you're going to do some pretty dumb things in pursuit of this dream. You're a very determined person when you want to be, you just don't realise yet how motivated you can get. Your most desperate act will actually result in you getting what you want. But be careful what you wish for, because the strings that are attached to fulfilling this desire are long and fraught with lots of arguments. But the whole time you are going through this, you will know in your heart that it was the right decision, and one you'll make a million times over if you get the same beautiful result every time. And that is when you will be loved the hardest you have ever been loved.

So like I said, just relax. It all works out in the end, even though some days you will feel like you have the burdens of the whole world on your shoulders. You've always been a drama queen you know? Trust yourself, love yourself and be yourself. The rest will fall into place.

Much love

Older and wiser Erin.

Ok peoples, now it's your turn. Tell me what you'd love to tell your younger self, we all have nuggets of wisdom we wish we knew when we were younger.

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