Monday, 30 March 2015

App review - Mykidz app

Ok so today I'm going to do something I never thought I'd ever do. I'm going to review some one else's product. So bear with me if you will, while I review a new app which is great for parents new and old alike.

The following opinions are my own and I am not affiliated with this product or its maker at all. What you are about to read is not a sponsored post, and I have not received any gifts or money from the creators for the following review. Please consult your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise regime, and always remember to tip your waiter. (I figured I'd get all the boring stuff out of the way first. You're welcome.)

 The Mykidz app is in essence a list based app for parents. I've only had this app for a few weeks now, but already I'm totally hooked. I'm hoping this helps make remembering all the small important things that always escape my memory when it really matters easier.  It has separate sections for pregnancy, babies, children and teenagers, with individual lists for each stage. Now given that I am never planning on becoming pregnant or having babies again, I haven't really played with either of these sections, but the pregnancy section has a journal, a countdown calendar to the big day, a birth planner for you to write down about all the incense, spiritual music and extra pillows you want on the big day (which will all promptly be forgotten the minute those first contractions begin) and somewhere to put the list of names you're considering for your soon to be baby. There is also an all important place to write down everything you'll need in your hospital bag, which is something I really wish I'd had when I was getting ready to go into labour.

Once your baby is born, you move on to the baby section of the app, where there is a place to record feeds and nappy changes, growth and milestones, and a gallery for photographs (which will be filled with hundreds of photos of your first born, and about three of each of your subsequent children.)

When your baby is out of the baby stage and you no longer need to monitor feeds and nappy changes you move onto the child section. This is where I started my adventure with the Mykidz app. There is another place in this section for all your child's milestones and development, as well as a section for recording all their favourite stars (I've included Justin from Justin's House in Miss K's.), the names of any of their teachers, and their friends (plus friend's parents and contact details), and a section for recording gift ideas when they come to you.  I tell you if I had this app three months ago it would have saved me a lot of brain wracking when Miss K's birthday came up.  One of the questions I hate the most when my kid has a birthday coming up is "what do they want?" because I can never remember any of the three million toys she has claimed is her favourite when we go for a wander down the toy aisles. And Miss K's only suggestion when anyone asked her this year was cows.

There is even a section for recording custody visits, which already looks like it will come in handy for me, because unless I'm staring straight at the calendar I can never remember when Miss K is meant to be travelling to her Nonna's house. It even pops up with a helpful reminder on the days that access visits are meant to happen, which is incredibly helpful when you wake up thinking it's Thursday, and it happens to actually be Friday and your child is meant to be on a train in two hours.

The teen section is identical to the child section, so by the time your bundle of joy becomes a sullen grunting lump, you'll already be an expert at using this app. The list of friends and their parents of course will probably be empty by this stage because "God mum you're sooo embarrassing. Why do you need to know Lah'tay'ah's mum's name? You'll never speak to her ever." And you probably won't care who their favourite stars are, because by the time you're the parent of teenagers, every boy band looks like a pale facsimile of an awesome band you loved when you were younger and music was actually decent. But the gift section will be a godsend, especially since they now bring out a new "must have" gadget every 6 weeks, so you'll need a reliable place to keep up with the pace. You'll also probably use the teacher section as a handy guide of all the teachers you need to avoid because your darling offspring sleeps during their class instead of paying attention.

So this app has something for every parent out there. Further information can be found on their website  or their Facebook page and the app is available on Google Play as well as the App Store for any of you hipsters out there who still insist that the iPhone 64 is better than any other phone around. I'm just going to smile and nod at you while I plug my newest phone in to charge with the charger I got with my first smart phone four years ago...

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