Friday, 4 October 2013

October Secret Subject Swap Wild Ride?

Hello again my lovelies and welcome to take one of the October Secret Subject Swap.  I'm sure you all know the drill by now, twelve bloggers who have taken leave of their senses decide to play blog lottery and let someone else choose their topic for the day. We then post at exactly the same time (give or take a few minutes and several different time zones) for your entertainment.

Now I introduce to you the eleven other bloggers who are partaking in this swap, you must go visit them all (once you've read my post and left me some love that is.)                              Baking In A Tornado                                  The Momisodes                          Just A Little Nutty                                     Crazy As Normal                         Home on Deranged                        Dawn’s Disaster                 The Insomniac’s Dream                    Outsmarted Mommy                 Black Sheep Mom                  Writer B is Me

So my topic today was submitted by Crazy As Normal, and it is: Not many people know this story, so strap yourself in for an amazing ride.  One time in high school I...

Hoo boy, so many stories so little time. There was the time I travelled back in time and managed to both jeapordize and then save my parent's relationship, oh wait that was Back to the Future. Well how about the time I got detention for skipping class and ended up spending my entire Saturday with a jock, a rebel, a nerd and a weirdo, ending up best friends with them by the end of the day? No that was the Breakfast Club. There was that time I met a sparkly vampire and fell in love with him and....yeah we all know where I'm going with that one.

To be perfectly honest I don't know that anyone needs to strap themselves in before hearing any of the stories of my youth. I'm not so much a super fast sports car as I am a child's tricycle, built more for safety than excitement. You see once upon a time I was actually a Good Girl. I didn't smoke, I only drank with my parent's permission, I stayed a virgin until my last year of school, (OK that one is probably not so much what a Good Girl would do but the guy and I had been dating for nearly 2 years at the time.) I never talked back to the teachers, I got straight A's in most of my subjects (except sport but I never cared about that) and I never skipped school without spending the time at home with mum.  Wow when I say it like that I actually sound boring. 

I guess the most reckless thing I did in my teen years was the night I snuck out of the house to meet a boy I had found in a chat room. Hey if you're going to rebel you might as well go big right??  Now I actually tried to sneak out of the house twice to meet him, but the first night I got cold feet and told my big sister what I was going to do. She convinced me to stay in and watch Beaches with her instead of breaking the rules. But I was determined to meet this boy, so I arranged to meet him again the next night. This time I kept my plans to myself and managed to get out of the house unnoticed and met up with him a few doors down from where I lived.  I don't know what I expected from that night, but needless to say he acted like a typical teenage boy who had been given the keys to the castle and got very grabby very quickly.  Luckily for me I had a my body my business policy even back then (I was still a good girl) so I put an end to the evening very quickly before I lost control of the situation. Unfortunately for me my sneaking skills have always been terrible so I got sprang by my big sister trying to creep back into bed. (The perils of sharing a bedroom.) Needless to say I was in very big trouble.

When mum found out the next day what I had done, she hit the roof. I got banned from the internet for months, banned from chat rooms forever and grounded for what seemed like an eternity. The grounding also came with hard labour so I spent the next few days cleaning places that hadn't seen a duster in ages. I was also made to send an email to the boy I'd snuck out to see telling him I could never see him again. That part wasn't so bad because I had no intentions of ever seeing him again so I wasn't absolutely heart broken, but I was humiliated at having to tell him I'd been sprang. But the months went past and eventually I was allowed back on the computer, but I never went into another chat room again. This all happened nearly 15 years ago and I still haven't visited a chat room since that night. Once a good girl always a good girl.

So that's it, you can unbuckle your seat belts now every one, the wild ride is over. I hope I didn't shock you guys too much with my wild and crazy antics, I'd hate to think you guys would start thinking about me differently.  I'm just thankful Miss K is too young to read just yet, I'd hate for her to start getting ideas for when she's a teenager just yet.

Well you've heard from me, now go and visit everyone else and keep the fun going. I'll be back again soon.
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