Sunday, 29 April 2012

Game, Set, Match?

So once again I haven't posted in a while but things are of course really busy here. Between taking Miss K to play group, barely keeping up with the housework and lying in the corner in the foetal position I barely have time to scratch myself. The other thing stopping me from being able to scratch myself today is the searing pain that I get every time I move a single muscle, and I must blame my agony on tennis.

I have recently come to the decision that I don't take enough care of myself and am taking steps to rectify this. Step one of this plan was to start tracking all of the food that I eat and how much exercise I get each day and make sure my body is healthy. This part was made a lot easier by a wonderful website which takes all of the guesswork out of the boring stuff like counting calories. Through this website I was also able to see that my diet was dangerously low on a lot of essential vitamins and minerals like iron (a result of having no cardiac arrest causing red meat in the house any more) so I have been able to re-jig my current eating habits to get rid of more of the bad stuff and take in more of the good stuff.

While the website does take the mystery away from the food that I am eating, this doesn't come without some sacrifice and hard work on my part, especially because a Hungry Jacks has just opened up in my town and the temptation to visit them every day has been hard to deal with. But just because I have started eating healthier doesn't mean I'm about to start spouting lectures about the benefits of chick peas and alfalfa sprouts. Nor am I about to denounce chocolate as evil. I still eat pretty much the way I did before, I just have to restrain myself from having tim tams for breakfast (something which I have done more than once in the past).

The second step in this plan was to actually exercise instead of using the walk from my front door to the car as my excuse for working out. I am in the process of sourcing a treadmill so that I can go for walks in the comfort of my own home, an important feature as it is almost winter here and neither Miss K or I relish the thought of going for long walks in the rain. But while I wait for a cheap treadmill to find it's way to me I bough myself a tennis racquet, and yesterday my mum, my sister and I went to the tennis courts near our house to attempt a game of tennis. For anyone who wants to know what I would look like while playing tennis, this picture here is a pretty close bet for how I looked yesterday. The difference between me and these players is I don't get paid millions of dollars a year to look that special. I do however get aches and pains in places I didn't think it was possible to hurt in. I literally had to lift my leg in and out of the car with my hands last night when I went shopping, which was not good for the pains that go shooting across my ribs whenever I lift anything.

So while I'm not ready for the professional leagues yet, I'm not giving away my racquet just yet. And who knows, within a couple of months I might be ready to take on Karen Krantzcke in a match. Granted she's been dead since 1977 but that may just make it a fairer game.

Well Miss K is currently yelling at a plastic hot dog (don't ask) so I'm going to go have a tea party with her. Granted the tea pot is not too heavy for me to lift.
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